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Capital Investment Plan

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The City’s capital investment plan (CIP), is a 5-year plan that matches long-term, large capital investment needs in the community with available funding sources. A CIP outlines how the City plans to replace aging infrastructure and address new infrastructure needs associated with a growing City.

The City’s CIP contains a General CIP component which is funded by general government revenues (primarily property and sales taxes) that traditionally fund transportation, neighborhood improvements, and affordable housing infrastructure as well as capital maintenance items for existing public facilities. Other, separate components of the CIP include infrastructure investments for Airport, CATS, Storm Water, and Utilities, which are funded primarily by grants and user-fee revenues associated with those services.

The adopted budget includes a property tax rate increase of 3.17¢, dedicated to the debt service fund for General capital projects to support these community investments. The Streetcar Extension project was presented separately and is not part of the proposed property tax for the debt service fund.  The FY2014 property tax rate is 46.87¢ per $100 valuation (for example, $5.28 per month increase on a $200,000 home).  This increase funds the $816.4 million General CIP over four bond referenda cycles (2014, 2016, 2018, and 2020).

 May 6 City Manager's Recommended Budget Presentation
FY2014 - FY2018 CIP