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Doing Business with CATS
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Conducting business with CATS may be a rewarding experience and we invite your business to compete for opportunities.   There are a wide range of opportunities for local, regional and national businesses to do business with CATS. Before bidding on procurements, all businesses must be registered in the City of Charlotte's Vendor Registration System.


Procurement & Contract Management

In support of the overall goal of providing quality transit services to the public, CATS Procurement and Contract Management Section works toward the following objectives:

  • To promote open, full and fee competition in the procurement of goods and services;
  • To procure quality goods and services in a reliable and timely manner at a reasonable cost;
  • To make positive efforts to utilize small business, minority-owned business and women-owned business as sources of supply and maximize their opportunities for all participation in all contracts;
  • To require all contractors and subcontractors to take affirmative action in their employment and contracting practices to ensure that applicants and employees are not discriminated against based on race, color, sex, disability, religion or nation origin.

To achieve CATS' goals, we must comply with applicable federal, state and local laws and guidelines. This ensures open competition and equitable treatment of all bidders/proposers interested in CATS business opportunities.

The Procurement and Contract Management Section is responsible for the procurement of all equipment, supplies and services, to support CATS operations. This includes construction, professional services, rolling stock, information technology, goods and services, parts and inventory.