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CATS can help you develop your personal ozone action plan.  You will use this plan on days when the ozone color code is orange, red or purple. To plan your trip on CATS, click here to access our trip planner.  Or, stop by one of our events and let our staff answer your questions.

Know the Code

Do a Little, Help a Lot

CATS is taking steps to improve Charlotte's air quality by expanding the use of ultra low sulfur diesel fuel in its fleet.  Ultra low sulfur diesel reduces harmful emissions up to 20 percent.  In addition, CATS has installed diesel particulate filters which provide even more reductions in emissions. 

CATS currently has seven hybrid diesel-electric buses in its fleet.  These vehicles use electric power to propel the bus and use less fuel.  This technology further reduces harmful emissions by up to 90 percent. 

To learn more about CATS clean air initiative or our employer programs, please contact us: etcinterest@charlottenc.gov.