Transit Planning
LYNX Construction

During the weekend of Oct. 18-19, construction work near the LYNX Blue Line New Bern Station will begin. During this time, the LYNX Blue Line will only operate from the I-485/S.Blvd. Station to the Scaleybark Station.  

Service to stations beyond Scaleybark, from New Bern to CTC/Arena stations, will be accessible via CATS bus service. The 7th Street station will not be served. Each affected station will have signage directing you to the nearest bus stop. Look for the bus stop that says “LYNX Connector.” When the bus approaches, the headway sign will also say “LYNX Connector.” The LYNX Connector is a limited bus route designed to operate limited stops between the temporarily closed LYNX Blue Line Station stops and uptown Charlotte.

Where to do I board the bus? (Click here for the route map)

LYNX Station

Bus Stops To Uptown

Bus Stops To Scaleybark Station


Bus Shelter on Whitton Street


New Bern

S. Blvd. @ Chick-Fil-A/Burger King

S. Blvd. in front of Pepsi

East/West Blvd.

East Blvd. on Rite Aid side

West Blvd. at the corner of Camden

Bland St.

S. Tryon beside Millennium Apts.

S. Tryon across the street from Millennium Apts.


S. Tryon beside Camden South Apts.

S. Tryon across the street from Midnight Diner.


S. College beside the Westin Hotel

Stonewall St. beside Convention Ctr.

3rd St./Conv. Ctr.

S. College beside Wells Fargo at the corner of 3rd St.

S. Brevard beside Lola’s


Bay A, Trade St. (across from arena)

Bay A, Trade St. (across from arena)

7th St.

No bus or train service.   Walk to CTC, Bay A.

No bus or train service. Walk to CTC, Bay A.

What’s the train’s schedule?

Adjustments have been made to the LYNX Schedule from I-485/S. Blvd. Station to Scaleybark Station. Customers traveling beyond Scaleybark should anticipate delays and adjust their travel times.

Here’s this weekend’s LYNX schedule (Click here)

How do I pay?

If you have not purchased a ticket prior to boarding, you will need to pay your fare upon boarding the bus.  Local bus fare is $2.20 per person for one ride.  Bus fare is cash only and must be exact change.  The bus driver cannot make change and the fareboxes do not accept credit cards. You may pay for everyone’s fare in your group.  You will need to repeat this process on your return trip. If you have already purchased your ticket, please swipe it in the farebox upon boarding.