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Most Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What are the minimum requirements of your department?

  • You must be at least 21 years old at the time you enter the process.
  • You must have a High School diploma or GED.  We encourage applicants to have at least an Associates Degree.
  • You must be able to obtain a North Carolina Driver's License.
  • You must be a citizen of the United States .
  • We require an Honorable Discharge from the military (General Discharges are excepted on case by case basis).
  • You must pass an extensive background check including:  Polygraph Exam, Psychological Screening, Medical Exam & Drug Screening

2.  What benefits does the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department have to offer me?
Our Police Department's entry level pay for new hires will start at the rate of $41,081.  Any adjustments for educational or bi-lingual incentives will take effect upon completion of the Academy or after the 14-week Police Training Officer period has ended. View additional benefits here.

  • The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department supports the National Guard and Reserve.
  • Our employees have medical and dental insurance.   The City pays a portion of the coverage. We also offer paid life insurance.
  • Employees are eligible for full retirement benefits from the City and State after 30 years of credible service or age 55.
  • We encourage our employees to further their education and the City of Charlotte has a tuition reimbursement program.
  • For personal and family counseling we have an Employee Assistance Program and Police Chaplains of differing religious backgrounds.

3.  What type of opportunity does the department offer me?
We offer a challenging and rewarding career with numerous possibilities for you to make a difference in our community. Patrol, Felony Investigations, Vice and Narcotics, School Resource Officer, Lake Enforcement, Helicopter, Violent Crime Task Force, Special Information Bureau, SWAT, Highway Interdiction and Safety, Recruitment and Training, Canine and many more. Our department will provide you with the finest equipment available including a lap-top computer, uniforms, clothing allowance for plain-clothes assignments, in car cameras and unlimited training opportunities at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Academy.

4.   What is the City of Charlotte like?
It is a big city with a small town atmosphere. Charlotte is the nation's second largest banking center. We have excellent schools, universities and colleges. It is located centrally between the mountains and the Atlantic coast. Charlotte is the home of several professional sports franchises including the Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Bobcats, and America's premier NASCAR facility- Charlotte Motor Speedway.  For more information about Charlotte, visit the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce.

5.  What is the recruiting process like?
The recruiting process begins with submitting a City application, available online through during Open Application periods throughout the year.  Qualified applicants will then be invited to the Darany Entry Level Police Officer Examination. This is a two hour, four part written test consisting of 169 questions. Following the written test, the applicant will take a Job Related Physical Ability Test. Applicants who pass these tests will receive an application packet by mail or instructions on completing the application on-line. Selection of Police Officer applicants is a competitive process.  The best qualified applicants will be assigned to a recruiting officer who will conduct a comprehensive background investigation to determine suitability for employment.

6.  What are things that can eliminate me from the application process?
Because of the sensitive nature of police work, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has very strict employment standards.

  • Any use of drugs like powder cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, LSD, mushrooms, Methamphetamines, PCP, Ecstasy, GHB and a number of other hard drugs will prevent you from being employed by our department. Certain uses of drugs like steroids and amphetamines can disqualify applicants. 
  • Any use of marijuana during the year prior to application will disqualify an applicant. Other marijuana use is evaluated on a case by case basis.  NOTE:  The application process BEGINS when you sit for the Entry Level Written and Physical Tests. 
  • Our department examines closely the criminal, driving, and credit history of each applicant. Serious criminal offenses, poor driving habits, a credit history which demonstrates a lack of responsibility, a poor work history, or negative references can eliminate an applicant from consideration.

Finally, many applicants are eliminated from consideration because they have not been "completely" truthful and given full disclosure of all information that we require in our investigation. The integrity of our employees is one of this department's most important Core Values.

We appreciate your interest in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. Our department is one of the finest in the United States. If you need clarification or have any additional questions please call 704-432-1603 (local) or toll free 1-877-525-6145. 

The City of Charlotte is an Equal Opportunity Employer