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Administrative Services Group
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Within the Administrative Services Bureau, there are 6 main Divisions: Crime Analysis, Communications, Crime Reporting, Records, Computer Technology Solutions (CTS) and Human Resources divisions. Each division is supportive of the administrative functions of the department, from receiving calls of crimes, logging and reporting those crimes to analyzing the data to help prevent the next crime.​


Administrative Services Group​ Executive Chief Officer: ​DC Katrina Graue

Administrative Support Unit​: ​​​​ Executive Officers: Captain Jim Wright
​ ​

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​​Bureau: Administrative Services Bureau Bureau Commander: Major Lisa Goelz

division block
Crime Analysis Division | 601 E. Trade Street​ | 704-614-0005
Division Leader: Monica Nguyen

division block
​ ​
Communications Division | 601 E. Trade Street​ | 704-336-3237​​
Division Commander: Captain David Poston
​Division Support​: Lt. David Cristy

division block
Non-Emergency Police Services​ | 601 E. Trade Street​ | 704-336-7921
Division Leader: Kirk Young

division block Records Division | 601 E. Trade Street​ | 704-336-2371
​Division Leader: Jim Weaving

section block​Facilites Planning | unit email:
phone: 704-488-9435 | Unit Supervisor: Mike Bedard​​​

section block​​Fleet Management | unit email:
phone: ​704-336-5691 | Unit Supervisor: Rick Smith

​ ​

division block
Human Resources Division | 601 E. Trade Street​ | 704-432-1763
Division Leader: Monique Moore
Division Support: Lt. Travis Pardue

section block​Employment Verifications or General Information
phone: 704-336-2334 | fax: 704-353-0093​​​​

section block​Polygraph Section

division block
Computer Technology Solutions Division | 601 E. Trade Street​ | 704-336-8076
Division Leader: Crystal Cody

section block​System Architecture and Support | unit email: ​
phone: 704-33​​6-8875​​​​​ | Unit Supervisor: Cliff Chapman​​​

section block ​​Operations Support | unit email:
phone: 704-336-8847 | Unit Supervisor: Mike Defoe

section block​​Application Development and Support | unit email:
phone: 704-336-8401​​​ | Unit Supervisor: Sonya Williams
​​section block​​Project Management | unit email:
phone: 704-591-0530​​​ | Unit Supervisor: Donna Sanchez

section block​​Customer Support​ | unit email:
phone: 704-336-7776​​​ | ​Unit Supervisor: Cheryl Campbell

​​​ ​​​​