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Property Crimes Division
  The Property Crimes Division is headed by Capt. Dave Poston. This Division deals with all property crimes, which include Auto Thefts, Arson, Financial Fraud Crimes, cyber internet-based crimes, and scrap metal thefts. (more details needed)

Auto Theft Unit investigates vehicle thefts around the Charlotte region. They also handle "chop shop" investigations. Learn more about how to prevent auto theft through a layered approach to securing your personal property. 

Fire Investigation Task Force work with the CFD, SBI, ATF and Mecklenburg County Fire Marshall’s to investigate fires in the Charlotte area. They are also tasked with investigating bomb threats and any post blast investigations. Additionally, they handle all EPA related environmental investigations.

Pawn Shop: handles administrative and criminal investigations and data bases into registered pawn locations and recovers property reported as stolen and later pawned.
Scrap Metal: Handles administrative and criminal investigations into non precious metals scrap locations and is charged with recovering metals identified as stolen. Additionally, they maintain a public data base of persons banned from local scrap yards for metal theft violations.
Financial Crimes works with State and Federal partners to investigate high level embezzlement, identity theft and various other fraud offenses.
Cyber Crimes This unit is in charge of major internet related criminal investigations ranging from internet fraud to child pornography stings.
Computer Forensics This unit is in charge of processing and recovering evidence of crimes from computers, cell phones and other digital devices within Federal standards of evidence collection.