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Investigative Services Group
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Investigative Services Group is comprised of 2 specialized bureaus: the Special Investigations Bureau and the Criminal Investigations Bureau. Within the Special Investigations Bureau, there are 2 distinct and specialized divisions. The Covert Operations Division and the Criminal Apprehension Division. Covert Operations contains units like the Vice and Narcotics, Anti-Crime and Alcoholic Beverage Control. The Criminal Apprehension Division contains units that deal with Violent Criminal Apprehension (VCAT), Targeted Response and Apprehension (TRAP), Electronic Monitoring, Organized Retail Theft, and the Pawn Shop/Scrap Metal Detail. The Criminal Investigations Bureau is comprised of 2 distinct divisions, Special Victims Division and Violent Crimes Division, both handling the crime associated with a victim or the deceased. Special Victims Division includes Missing Persons, Domestic Violence, Youth Crimes, Financial and Cyber Crimes units. The Violent Crimes Division has 2 major units, Robbery/Sexual Assault/Cold Case Unit, which investigates robberies, sexual assault, cold cases, and the Violent Crimes Unit, which handles homicides and assault with a deadly weapon cases.

Investigative Services Group Executive Chief Officer: DC Doug Gallant
Field Services Support Unit:​ Executive Officer: Captain Martha Dozier

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​​​ ​ Bureau: ​Criminal Investigations Bureau Bureau Leader: Major Cam Selvey

division block
Special Victims Division | 601 E. Trade Street​ | phone: 704-336-2771
Division Leader: Captain Jackie Hulsey​​​
Division Support: Lt. Ken Schul

section block​Domestic Violence Unit | unit email:
​phone: 704-336-2379​​​​ | Unit Leader: Sgt. Angela Haywood​​​

section block Missing Persons Unit | unit email:
phone: 704-336-4978​​​ | Unit Leader: Sgt. Todd Walther

section block ​​Crimes Against Children | unit email:
phone: 704-336-2418 | Unit Leader: Sgt. Jem Jones

section block ​Financial Crimes Unit | unit email:
phone: 704-432-3906​​​ | Unit Leader: Sgt. Bobby Morton

 section block​​Cyber Crimes Unit | unit email: CyberCrime​
​​​phone: 704-336-5239​​​​​​ | Unit Leader: Sgt. Bobby Morton​​

division block Violent Crimes ​Division | 601 E. Trade Street | phone: 704-336-2328
Division Leader: Captain Cecil Brisbon

section block​Robbery/Sexual Assault/​Cold Case Unit | 601 E. Trade Street
phone: 704-336-8832​​​​ | Unit Leader: Lt. Melanie Peacock​​​

​Robbery Unit​​  | unit email:
phone: 704-336-5072 | Unit Leader: Sgt. Brian Scharf​​​

​ ​
Sexual Assault Unit​​  | unit email:
phone: 704-336-4188 | Unit Leader: Sgt. Muriel Hughes​​​

​Cold Case Unit​​  | unit email:
phone:704-336-2358 | ​​Unit Leader: Sgt. Darrell Price​​​

section block
Violent Crimes Unit | unit email:
phone: 704-336-8850 | Unit Leader: Lt. Alex Watson

​Homicide/ADW Unit​​  | unit email: ​ | phone: 704-336-8626
​Unit Leader: Sgt. J.D. Furr
​Unit Leader: Sgt. Susan Manassah
​Unit Leader: Sgt. Demarco Jeter
​Unit Leader: Sgt. Steven Winterhalter​​​

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​​Bureau: Special Investigations Bureau Bureau Leader: Major Mike Adams

division block
Covert Operations Division​ | 601 E. Trade Street​ | phone: 704-336-2260
Division Leader: Captain Mike Harris
Division Support: Lt. Brian Sanders

section block ​Vice/Narcotics Unit | unit email:
phone: 704-336-3110 | Unit Leaders: Sgt. Shane Edmonds | ​ Sgt. Chad Howard

section block
​Narcotics Task Force | unit email:
phone: 704-336-3110​​​ | Unit Leader: Sgt. Craig Conger

section block​Safe Streets Task Force | unit email:
​​phone: 704-336-2260​​​ | Unit Leader: Sgt. Sandy Richardson

​​Joint-Terrorism Task Force | unit email: | phone: 704-336-2260​​​​

section block
Anti-Crime​​​ Unit | unit email:
phone: 704-488-8696 | Unit Leaders: Sgt. Terrance Gerald​​​ | Sgt. Jason Kelly

section block
​Asset Forfeiture Unit | unit email:
phone: 704-336-7922​​​ | Unit Leader: Det. Jennifer Hetrick

section block
​Sexually Oriented Business Unit | unit email:
phone: 704-336-XXXX​​​ | Unit Leader: Det. Stephanie White

​​section block ​ABC Unit​ | unit email: ​​
phone: 704-432-0428​​​ | Unit Leader: Sgt. Mike Ford

division block
Criminal Apprehension Division | 601 E. Trade Street | phone: 704-336-2328
​Division Leader: Captain Allan Rutledge

section block​VCAT Unit | unit email:
phone: 704-336-8228​​​​ | or 704-200-8931
​Unit Leader: Sgt. Christopher Kimbell | Sgt. Donald Penix

​​ section block
Electronic Monitoring | unit email:
phone: 704-432-8888​​​ | Unit Leader: Sgt. Lebruan Evans

section block ​TRAP | unit email:
​phone: 704-xxx-xxxx | Unit Leader: Sgt. Henry Rozell

​Organized Retail Theft​​  | 704-xxx-xxxx​​​​

section block
​Pawn/Scrap Metal​ | unit email:
phone: 704-xxx-xxxx​​​ | Unit Leader: Det. Greg Hopkins

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