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Gang of One
Gang of One collage
  A Gang is 3 or more people who are primarily involved in criminal activity and may share a common name, sign, and symbol.
Gang of One mission:
To prevent youth from joining a gang, support youth being pressured to join a gang, and assist youth in
getting out of a gang. 

Youth Referral 

Education Request 

Tip/Information Request 


Greenville Center 

Tips for Parents 

Tips for Youth 

Gang of One was established as a pilot project of the Gang Intelligence Unit in Eastway Division in 2004.  Gang of One expanded into all CMPD Divisions in 2005 and adopted Comprehensive Gang Model in 2006.  Gang of One established the Gang Reentry and Intervention Team, a central strategy of this model, in 2010.  Gang of One re-opened the Greenville Center, closed due to drastic County budget cuts in 2010, as a place to provide gang-involved youth with programs and activities and for use by other youth-serving agencies in 2011.  
  Comprehensive Approach
Gang of One adapted the OJJDP Comprehensive Gang Model in 2006.  This approach is research based, data-driven, and outcome focused and includes integrated components of prevention, intervention, suppression and reentry.  
Gang Model chart   
Coalition meeting  Gang Prevention Coalition (GPC)
The Gang Prevention Coalition is a consortium of local agencies and organizations that work in partnership to address gang issues in Mecklenburg County.  Its mission is to partner with the community to eliminate gangs through collaboration, training, and technical assistance.  The Coalition meets quarterly and membership is open.  Please contact Gang of One to confirm the next meeting date.
Multidisciplinary Team
The Multidisciplinary Gang Reentry and Intervention Team (GRIT) is composed of professionals from the field of juvenile justice, law enforcement, and education who work together to case manage youth to reduce gang involvement and criminality. GRIT serves gang involved youth returning to Mecklenburg County from Youth Development Centers (reentry) and residing in Mecklenburg County (intervention). The Multidisciplinary Gang Intervention Team is at the core of the OJJDP Comprehensive Gang Model.  
  Gang of ONE Directory  
Name   Job Title   Office number 
 Rev. K. Frances (Fran) Cook   Director  704-336-7331
 Titus Ivory  Center Coordinator  704-432-8050
 Harold Jackson  Educational Specialist  704-432-2042
 Christelle Mckinney  Program Manager  704-432-2040
 Quiana Sturgis  Administrative Coordinator  704-336-2198
 Kevin Thomas  Reentry Case Manager  704-432-5490
 Ricardo Torres Martinez  Intervention Case Manager  704-336-8860
 Candice Whiteside  Intervention Supervisor  704-432-2041
 Mary Wilson  Reentry Case Manager  704-336-2536
 Rayfus Wilson  Intervention Case Manager  704-432-5460

  Comprehensive Programming
Gang of One adopted the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) Comprehensive Gang Model in 2006.  The outcome of national research, this Model includes integrated strategies of primary and secondary prevention, intervention, suppression, and reentry:

 * Prevention

   Community-based, youth and family focused programs 

 * Intervention

 Programs for gang-involved youth residing in Mecklenburg County

 * Suppression

 Law enforcement and interdiction

 * Reentry

 Programs for gang-involved youth returning to Mecklenburg County from a
 Youth Development Center 


Program collage       

Prevention Programs

  • Gang Education Workshop for Adults – a 1-hour workshop that educates participants about gangs in Charlotte-Mecklenburg and comprehensive efforts to reduce gang violence and crime, features a “show & tell” table of local gang paraphernalia
  • Gang Resistance Training for Youth – a 1-hour interactive dialogue designed to talk with youth about the realities of gang life and introduce them to positive alternatives in their community
  • Community Impact Projects – efforts to engage local agencies in “high impact” projects that result in significant positive change for area residents, youth, and their families
  • Gang Reentry and Intervention Team (GRIT Team) Family Initiative – a support group for GRIT Team client parents/guardians and life skills programs for client siblings held at the Greenville Center 

Prevention collage

Intervention and Reentry Programs

  • Gang of One Hotline – a phone line staffed by CMPD bi-lingual volunteers.  Callers may obtain information about local gangs, request an educational presentation, or refer a youth who may be at risk of joining a gang, phone, 704.432.GANG/4264 or email,  
  • Gang Reentry and Intervention Team (GRIT Team) Case Management – one-on-one services provided to gang-involved youth to assist them in gang and criminal disassociation by connecting them to community-based services and activities.  The GRIT Team is supported by of a group of professionals who assist case managers in overcoming client barriers and identifying resources.
  • Gang Reentry and Intervention Team (GRIT Team) Programs – life and vocational skills training, drug resistance education, career exploration, and culinary program for GRIT Team clients held at the Greenville Center.


  Greenville Neighborhood Center Programs
Greenville Center 
Gang of One re-opened the Greenville Center, closed due to drastic County budget cuts in 2010, as a place to provide GRIT Team youth and families with programs and activities and for use by other youth-serving agencies in 2011.  Please see the attached forms if you are interested in reserving a place at the Greenville Center for your program.
[Reservation Request formProgram Application form | Greenville Center Guidelines | Greenville Center Site Visit form ]

Current Programs:
Gang of One:    
  • GRIT Client Programs
  • GRIT Family Initiative Programs
  • Culinary Program

Police Activities League:
  • After School 
  • Mentoring Program
  • Basketball League
  • STEM Robotics & Fly to Learn Program
  • Girl Scouts
Gang Prevention Coalition
Girls On The Run
Walter G. Byers