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Right Moves For Youth

Officer Dave Scheppegrell, a School Resource Officer working at Marie G. Davis Middle School, founded the first Right Moves For Youth club in 1989 utilizing the philosophy of giving students the encouragement and resources needed to be successful, and rewarding them for their achievements. Officer Scheppegrell's success with this club prompted him to collaborate with other police officers, school administrators and community agencies to expand the program to other schools.

Right Moves For Youth was formally incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization under North Carolina law in Mecklenburg County in 1993 under the guidance of Frank Bragg, a local businessman.  Right Moves For Youth involves schools, businesses, law enforcement, and community volunteers in a unique partnership to realize its mission and purpose.

The mission of Right Moves For Youth is to provide the motivation for its club members in grades 4-12 to succeed in school, improve their quality of life, and become responsible members of society. 

The purpose of Right Moves for Youth is to increase the number and percentage of Charlotte-Mecklenburg students who stay in school, get an education and lead productive lives. 

Right Moves For Youth 's mission and purpose are realized in the operation of school-based clubs and neighborhood-based community clubs led by dedicated volunteers who promote positive youth development by enhancing participants' academic accomplishments, leadership ability, life skills awareness, self-esteem, civic responsibility, and cultural awareness.

Right Moves for Youth volunteers are the backbone of our organization.  In each club we strive to have a "three-legged stool" consisting of a club leader, a law enforcement officer, and a community volunteer to provide three unique role models for our club members.

Finally, Right Moves For Youth's "pay to play" philosophy rewards students for their achievements by providing opportunities to participate in a variety of athletic and cultural activities. 

As a result of their participation in Right Moves For Youth , we expect that our club members will:
     - Show an increased desire/ability to attend school on a regular basis;
     - Improve or sustain positive school behavior;
     - Improve or sustain strong academic performance.

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