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Support Services Group
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Support Services Group is comprised of 4 specialized bureaus: the Special Operations Bureau, the Lab and Evidence Bureau, the Community Services Bureau and the Community Engagement Bureau. Within the Special Operations Bureau, there are specialized units, like the Canine Unit, Animal Care & Control, SWAT and Aviation Units, that respond to various situations. The Lab and Evidence Bureau seek, gather, analyze and log evidence to help solve crimes and build strong cases. The Community Services Bureau interacts with the citizens of Charlotte through community involvement programs, like Volunteers, Cadets, Explorers and Interns. The Community Engagement Bureau interacts more with youth services and interaction programs like the Diversion program, School Resource Officers, and PAL.​​

Support​ Services Group Executive Chief Officer: DC Vicki Foster
Field Services Support Unit:​ Executive Officer: Captain Tom Gwaltney

hornets crest ​Bureau: ​Special Operation Bureau Bureau Commander: Major Sherie Pearsall

​​division block
Special Operations Division | 1750 Shopton Road​ | phone: 704-336-2328​​
Division Commander: Captain Steven Brochu

section blockSWAT Team & ALERT ​Unit | unit email:
​phone: 704-432-0435 | Unit Supervisor: Sgt. Eric Peterson​​​​

section blockCanine Unit | unit email:
phone: 704-336-7658​​​ | Unit Supervisor: Sgt. Mike Graue

​ ​
section blockArson/ Bomb Unit | unit email: BombSquadUnit​
phone: ​704-432-0474​​​ | Unit Supervisor: Sgt. Wesley Jessup

division block 
Animal Care & Control ​Division | 8315 Byrum Drive | phone: 704-336-7552​
Division Commander: Captain Karl Bannerman​​

section block​Enforcement Unit​​  | unit email:
phone: 704-336-4423 | Unit Supervisor: Mark Balestra​​​

section blockShelter Operations​​  | unit email:
phone: 704-336-7600 | Unit Supervisor: Josh Fisher​​​

hornets crest Bureau: ​Lab and Evidence Bureau Bureau Commander: Major Mike Smathers

​​division block
​ ​
Crime Lab Division | 601 E. Trade Street​ | phone: 704-353-1100
Division Commander: Matthew Mathis

section blockQuestioned Documents Section | unit email:
​phone: 704-336-8778​​​​​​ | Unit Supervisor: Jeff Taylor​​​

section blockBiology Section | unit email:
phone: 704-353-1102 | Unit Supervisor: Sheree Enfinger​​​

section block​Latent Prints | unit email:
phone: 704-353-1066​​​​​​ | Unit Supervisor: David Schultz​​​

section block​Firearms Section | unit email:
phone: 704-353-1069​​​​​​ | Unit Supervisor: Todd Nordhoff​​​

section block​Chemistry Section | unit email:
phone: 704-353-1065​​​​​​​ | Unit Supervisor: Lillian Ngong​​​

division block
Property and Evidence Management Division​​ | 601 E. Trade Street​ | phone: 704-336-2378​
Division Commander: Lt. Brian Russell

section block​Crime Scene Search Unit​ | unit email:
phone: 704-562-8959 | Unit Supervisor: Sgt. Katherine Scheimreif​​​​

hornets crest ​Bureau: ​Community Services Bureau Bureau Commander: Major Diego Anselmo

​​division block
​ ​
Community Wellness Division | 601 E. Trade Street​ | phone: ​704-432-0197
Division Commander: Captain Jim Wilson

section block​Community Outreach Unit | unit email: ​
phone: 704-33​​6-2326​​​​​ | Unit Supervisor: Sgt. Loraine Ellis​​​

CMPD False Alarm Reduction Unit | Online Alarm Application: ​apply for an alarm permit | phone: 704-432-0431​​​​​

​Crime Prevention Unit | unit email: ​ | phone: 704-33​​6-2310​​​​​

Volunteer Unit / Interns | unit email: ​vbrown1​ | phone: 704-432-0430​​​​​

​Cadets, ​High School Academy and Explorers | unit email: ​ | phone: 704-432-0432​​​​​​

​UVisa Application | unit email: ​ | phone: 704-432-2041​​​​​

section block​​Contracts | unit email:
phone: 704-336-7331​​​ | Unit Supervisor: Rev. Fran Cook

Mayor's Youth Employment Program | unit email: ​MYEP​ | phone: 704-353-0486​​​​​​

​Chaplains | unit email: ​Chaplains​ | phone: 704-336-7331​​​​​

section block​​Peer Support | unit email:
phone: 704-432-0197​​ | Unit Supervisor: Captain Jim Wilson

section block​​Child Development Community Policing (CDCP)​ | unit email:
phone: 704-432-0197 | Unit Supervisor: Captain Jim Wilson

section block​​Crisis Intervention Team | unit email:
phone: 704-432-0197 | Unit Supervisor: Captain Jim Wilson

hornets crestBureau: ​Community Engagement Bureau Bureau ​Commander: Major Bruce Bellamy
​LGBT Community Engagement: 704-336-5953​ Liaison: Major Bruce Bellamy

​​division block
​ ​
Community Engagement Division | 601 E. Trade Street​ | phone: ​704-432-2006
Division Commander: Captain Torri Tellis

section blockDiversion Program | unit email: ​
phone: 704-33​​6-2040​​​​​ | Unit Supervisor: Sgt. A.E. Hall​​​

Youth Engagement Unit | unit email: ​ | phone: 704-336-7331​​​​​

​Police Activities League | unit email: ​rgilmore​​ | phone: 704-33​​6-2105​​​​​​

 ​section blockSchool Resource Unit | unit email: ​
phone: 704-432-0434 | Unit Supervisor​: Sgt. Celestine Ratliff​​​

​ ​