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Special Weapons and Tactics Team (S.W.A.T.)
Mission Statement and Core Values
  • The mission of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Special Weapons and Tactics Team is to preserve life in high-risk situations through the use of specialized training, equipment, and tactics in a professional manner that inspires confidence in the community.
  • All operations will be conducted with the highest regard for the preservation of life.

The SWAT Team is committed to the safe resolution of all high risk situations and will approach each situation in a professional and controlled manner, with an emphasis on a negotiated resolution.

  • The SWAT Team will use the best available specialized training and equipment to accomplish its mission and will develop the specialized skills of each team member.
  • The SWAT Team is committed to a controlled, rapid response to high risk situations in order to gain control and minimize the risk of death or injury to any person.
  • Team members approach their duties with a high level of confidence, motivation, flexibility, and patience.
  • The SWAT Team members acknowledge their dependence upon one another and work as a team in an atmosphere of trust, confidence, and open communication.

    SWAT Negotiators
The CMPD SWAT Negotiator Unit provides SWAT Command with an experienced cadre of officers trained in the art and science of hostage and crisis negotiation. SWAT Negotiators support the SWAT Mission by gathering intelligence, establishing communications, and facilitating peaceful resolution of high risk incidents through negotiation whenever possible. 
    SWAT Equipment
The SWAT Team utilizes an extensive array of specialized equipment and various weapon systems to perform it's function.
    SWAT Deployment
The deployments depend on the type of situation that needs specialized skills and tactics to ensure the safety of all involved.
    SWAT Training
SWAT members go through training 28 days per year to prepare them for whatever situation presents itself during a deployment.
    SWAT Composition
The SWAT team is comprised of various specialized groups that focus on specific tactics during a deployment.