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Picketing Ordinance

The Charlotte City Council considered revisions to the Picketing Ordinance, which was enacted in 1985. City staff held meetings with various community stakeholders to solicit input on the proposals and the resulting ordinance includes modifications as a result of that feedback.  The City Community Safety Committee also solicited and received comments from stakeholders regarding the proposal, prior to approving the revisions and recommending it to the full Council.

On June 14, 2004, the City Council approved and passed the new Picketing Ordinance. The new ordinance covers city owned property only and allows picketing on sidewalks, city owned parks and other pedestrian walkways.

The main changes in the new ordinance include a notification provision to the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) for groups of 50 or more pickets; a prohibition against picketing on the median strip; and a prohibition against targeted residential picketing.  Groups who wish to assemble in the city streets or have a festival in city parks will continue to obtain the necessary permits through the City Permit Official.

The new ordinance requires that when the organizer of a picket reasonably believes the group will consist of 50 or more pickets, the CMPD must be notified of their intent to picket 48 hours prior to the event.  The organizer will be given a receipt to carry with them during the event. The purpose of the notification for 50 or more individuals is to enable the police department to make any necessary preparations for large groups, such as adding more officers to provide traffic control, in order to protect the public.

The notification is not a permit and the CMPD is not giving permission to picket. The notification form provides contact information and location information for planning purposes.

Picketing Information and Notification Forms

  • City/County Picketing Ordinance
  • Protest and Demonstration Planning Contacts
  • Picketing Notification Form

    The notification form is available on the WEBSITE, at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Headquarters or at the Division Offices. The form may be printed from this site and faxed to 704-336-6040, e-mailed to , or mailed to 601 East Trade Street, Charlotte, NC 28202, or delivered to the CMPD.