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Towing Ordinance
Amendments to the Towing Ordinance went into effect on April 1, 2011.
For more details on the amendments...
The Charlotte Towing Ordinance was last amended on July 26, 2004.  The 8 changes are listed below.
  • § 6-563 now makes it clear that proper signage is required before a trespass tow of any weight vehicle is conducted.


  • § 6-563 now makes exceptions to the signage requirement for vehicles that have been abandoned for 72 hours, or for vehicles that are disabled.


  • § 6-564 now makes it clear that only fees for towing and storage may be charge as a condition of release for a vehicle.  (Parking violation fees may not be charged as a condition of release.)


  • § 6-564 now calls for annual review of the ordinance mandated maximum fees by the Chief of Police.


  • § 6-565 now clearly requires a vehicle owner to provide their identifying information to the tow company at the scene of an interrupted tow in order to have their vehicle released without charge.


  • § 6-569 now requires the signage posted for booting locales to include the name, as well as the telephone number and address of the authorized booting company.


  • § 6-572 now allows a $100.00 civil penalty to be assessed by the City for any violation of any section of the towing ordinance.  (The required call-in mandated by § 6-567 may be enforced in this manner.)


  • § 6-573 , the sunset provision of the towing ordinance, was repealed; making the towing ordinance a permanent fixture of the Charlotte City Code.

To view a full copy of the Towing Ordinance, please click the link below.

Towing Ordinance Post 7-26-04.pdf