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Field Services Group - Our Response Areas

collage of response area division offices 


The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department jurisdiction is divided into 13 patrol divisions. Deputy Chief Katrina Graue oversees Field Services North - the North, University City, Eastway, North Tryon, Metro, and Freedom Divisions. Deputy Chief Jeff Estes oversees Field Services South - the South, Providence, Westover, Steele Creek, Hickory Grove, Independence and Central Divisions.

Group: Field Services Group - North                          Group Leader: DC Katrina Graue  

  Service Areas: Northeast Service Area  Area Leader: Major John Diggs 
  Division: Eastway Division    Division Leader: Captain Jim Wright 
 Division: University City Division           Division Leader: Captain Todd Garrett
 Division: North Tryon Division  Division Leader: Captain Rob Dance

  Service Areas: Northwest Service Area  Area Leader: Major Bruce Bellamy 
  Division: Metro Division    Division Leader: Captain Michael Harris 
 Division: Freedom Division           Division Leader: Captain Gregg Collins
 Division: North Division  Division Leader: Captain Rod Golding
 Division: Airport Law
                 Enforcement Division
  Division Leader: Captain Benton Herring
 Unit: Lake Enforcement Unit
 Unit: ABC Unit
  Unit Leader: Sgt. Mark Faulkenberry
  Unit Leader:

  Main Unit: Field Services Support Unit                    Executive Officer: Captain Nick Pellicone 

Group: Field Services Group - South                           Group Leader: DC Jeff Estes  

  Service Areas: Southeast Service Area  Area Leader: Major Andy Kornberg 
  Division: Providence Division    Division Leader: Captain Norman Garnes, Jr. 
 Division: South Division   Division Leader: Captain Todd Lontz
 DivisionIndependence Division  Division Leader: Captain Nelson Bowling
 Division: Hickory Grove Division  Division Leader: Captain Chuck Henson

  Service Areas: Southwest Service Area  Area Leader: Major Gerald Smith 
  Division: Central Division    Division Leader: Captain Mike Campagna 
 Division: Westover Division           Division Leader: Captain Tonya Arrington
 DivisionSteele Creek Division                Division Leader: Captain Chris Dozier
 Unit: Lake Enforcement Unit  Unit Leader: Lt. Andy Harris

  Division: Special Events Bureau  Division Leader: Captain Michelle Hummel 
  Unit: Accident Reconstruction Unit  Unit Leader: Sgt. David Sloan
 Unit: Motorcycle Unit   Unit Leader: Sgt. Kevin Shy
 Unit: Transit Unit  Unit Leader: Sgt. Charles Rappleyea
Unit: Special Events Division​  Unit Leader: Staff Sgt. David Minnich
 Unit: Passenger Vehicle for Hire Unit  Unit Leader: Kirk Young
 Unit: DWI Task Force  Unit Leader: Sgt. Jesse Wood
 Unit: Dignitary Protection  Unit Leader:
 Section: Honor Guard Section  Section Leader:

  Main Unit: Field Services Support Unit                    Executive Officer: Captain Rich Austin