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Our Response Areas
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The Response Area Team is designed to strengthen ownership and accountability​ for crime reduction and community safety. It enables officers to become more familiar with the people who live and work there, patterns of crime and suspect behaviors, and community resources that may be leveraged to address crime and quality of life issues.

If you want to report a crime and need police assistance in an emergency, dial 911.

If you want to report a crime or other information that does not require the police to respond to you or your location, please dial 311(non-emergency crime reporting) or the Division Office line.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department jurisdiction is divided into 13 patrol divisions. Deputy Chief Katrina Graue oversees Field Services North - the North, University City, Eastway, North Tryon, Metro, and Freedom Divisions. Deputy Chief Jeff Estes oversees Field Services South - the South, Providence, Westover, Steele Creek, Hickory Grove, Independence and Central Divisions. ​

Field Services Group: North​​ ​Executive Chief Officer: ​​DC Katrina Graue

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Field Services Support Unit: ​Executive Officer: Captain Nick Pellicone

Service Areas: Northeast​ Service Area Leader: ​Major Coerte Voorhees

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Eastway Division | 3024 Eastway Dr. | 704-336-8535
Division Captain: Captain Jim Wright
Response Area Lieutenants: RA1 Lt. Luke Sell | RA2 Lt. Christian Wagner | RA3 Lt. Joel McNelly

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North Tryon Division | 4045 North Tryon St., Suite B | 704-336-8398
Division Captain: Captain Rob Dance
Response Area Lieutenants: RA1 Lt. Steven Durant | RA2 Lt. Jeffery Harless | RA3 Lt. David Harris

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University City Division | 8401-120 University Executive Park Dr. | 704-432-3900
Division Captain: Captain Brian Foley​
Response Area Lieutenants: RA1 Lt. Dave Johnson | RA2 Lt. Robert Whitley | RA3 Lt. Jim Morrison

Service Areas: Northwest Service Area Leader: Major Freda Lester

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Freedom Division | 4150 Wilkinson Blvd. | 704-432-6795
Division Captain: Captain Michelle Hummel
Response Area Lieutenants: RA1 Lt. Anderson Royston | RA2 Lt. Julie Barry | RA3 Lt. David Blum

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Metro Division | 1118 Beatties Ford Rd. | 704-336-8300
Division Captain: Captain Jonathan Thomas
Response Area Lieutenants: RA1 Lt. Will Farrell | RA2 Lt. Spence Cochran | RA3 Lt. Zeru Chickoree

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North Division | 10430-R Harris Oaks Blvd. | 704-432-3801
Division Captain: Captain Ryan Butler​
Response Area Lieutenants: RA1 Lt. Rich Stahnke | RA2 Lt. Steve Huber | RA3 Lt. John Thornton

section block Airport Law Enforcement Division | 1770 Shopton Road | 704-336-2328
Division Leader: Captain Gregg Collins
Division Area Lieutenant​: Lt. Dave Moorefield

section block Lake Enforcement | Lake Norman | 704-896-2185
Division Leader: Sgt. Chip Bednarick
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Field Services Group: South​​ ​Executive Chief Officer: ​​DC Jeff Estes

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Field Services Support Unit: ​Executive Officer: Captain Rich Austin

Service Areas: Southeast​ Service Area Leader: ​Major Andy Kornberg

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Hickory Grove Division | 5727-A N. Sharon Amity Rd. | 704-567-9198
Division Captain: Captain Chuck Henson
Response Area Lieutenants: RA1 Lt. Ryan Jackson | RA2 Lt. Eric Brady | RA3 Lt. Robert Childs

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Independence Division | 9315-G Monroe Rd. | 704-841-1477
Division Captain: Captain Nelson Bowling
Response Area Lieutenants: RA1 Lt. Brad Koch | RA2 Lt. David Cristy | RA3 Lt. Jeremiah Blow

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Providence Division | 715 N. Wendover Rd. | 704-336-2878
Division Captain: Captain Norman Garnes, Jr.
Response Area Lieutenants: RA1 Lt. Brian Hofert | RA2 Lt. Shawn Crooks | RA3 Lt. Fred Newell

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South Division| 8050 Corporate Center Dr., Suite 100 | 704-544-4835
Division Captain: Captain Todd Lontz
Response Area Lieutenants: RA1 Lt. Travis Pardue | RA2 Lt. John Kitchens | RA3 Lt. Pam Lisenby

Service Areas: Southwest Service Area Leader: Major Gerald Smith

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Central Division | 119 E. Seventh St., Suite 2B | 704-336-5729
Division Captain: Captain Mike Campagna
Response Area Lieutenants: RA1 Lt. Bret BalamuckiRA2 Lt. Joseph CareyRA3 Lt. Ryan Kendall

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​​Steele Creek Division | 2227 Westinghouse Blvd. | 704-336-7800
Division Captain: Captain Chris Dozier
Response Area Lieutenants: RA1 Lt. Mark Santaniello | RA2 Lt. James Hummel | RA3 Lt. Andy Harris

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Westover Division | 1540 West Blvd. | 704-432-2442
Division Captain: Captain Tonya Arrington
Response Area Lieutenants: RA1 Lt. Mike Barron | RA2 Lt. Brian Trull |​​​​ RA3 Lt. Keith Caviness

section block Lake Enforcement | Lake Wylie | 704-558-1798
Division Leader: Lt. Andy Harris

section block ​Special Events Bureau Bureau Leader: Captain Rod Golding​

section block Accident Reconstruction Unit | 601 E. Trade Street | 704-336-8403​
Unit Leader: Sgt. David Sloan

section block Motorcycle​ Unit​ | 601 E. Trade Street | 704-336-3229​​
Unit Leader: Sgt. Kevin Shy

section block Transit Unit | 3145 S. Tryon Street | 704-336-8403​
Unit Leader: Sgt. Charles Rappleyea

section block Special Events Division | 601 E. Trade Street | 704-336-8889​
Unit Leader: Staff Sgt. David Minnich

section block Passenger Vehicle for Hire Unit | 4150 Wilkinson Blvd. | 704-432-6802​
Unit Leader: Kirk Young

section block DWI Task Force | 601 E. Trade Street | 704-491-7177​
Unit Leader: Sgt. Jesse Wood

section block Dignitary Protection Unit | 601 E. Trade Street | 704-488-8696​
Unit Leader: Lt. Shawn Mitchell

section block Honor Guard Section | 601 E. Trade Street | 704-336-3133​
Unit Leader: Capt. Jackie Hulsey