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Research, Planning and Analysis
Management Analysis and Geographic Information Systems

The primary duties of the analysts are directly related to the development and deployment of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) within the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department for the purpose of analysis and research.  Responsibilities include the following:

  • Perform tactical analysis and assist in short-term, tactical planning through cluster/hotspot identification,

  • Identify and prioritize potential suspects for investigative purposes,

  • Perform spatial analysis of crime events, linking demographic data and community characteristics to assist problem solving efforts at all geographic levels,

  • Integrate new data sources with crime data to form a more complete picture of our communities,

  • Provide decision support mechanisms for police personnel at all levels of the department,

  • Support long term, strategic planning and analysis using GIS and other statistical software,

  • Provide analytical support for resource allocation issues and redistricting,

  • Interact with internal units, external agencies, and the community for the purpose of sharing information and coordinating efforts,

  • Advise departmental personnel on options for using GIS and other analytical tools as a component of research projects and problem solving efforts,

  • Provide technical support for GIS applications,
  • Responsible for E-9-1-1 database date entry, updates, deletion; maintain selected GIS coverage; respond to request for department and special maps
  • Serve as analytical liaison to the Command Staff and Patrol DIvisions for problem solving assistance in traffic safety

Research and Planning The Research, Planning and Analysis Division focus on providing the Department with timely and advantageous information.The members of the Research and Planning Team manage the following tasks:

Officers using patrol car laptop

Survey Development and Analysis

  • External Surveys

    • Marketwise – Citizen Satisfaction Survey
    • UNCC

    • Lee Institute

  • Internal Surveys

    • Department Surveys

    • Division Surveys

    • Independent Surveys

Grant Writing

  • Grant Locator Program – eCivis

  • Federal

  • Foundation

  • Private Companies

Maintain Departmental Policies

  • Develop and write departmental policies

  • Revise and update departmental policies

  • Maintain historical records of all directives

  • The policy officer must be a member of the Uniform and Awards Committee

Proactive Research for Internal Resources

  • Upgrading Computer Software

  • Outsourcing / Privatizing certain administrative procedures

  • Create, develop and implement local and departmental strategic plans

  • Assist other entities of the department with various research projects

Assistance with External Research

  • University studies

  • List Serve – assisting other departments with previously conducted research

Process Mapping

  • Outlining procedures and application processes

  • Identifying existing or potential operational performance gaps

  • Develop change recommendations

Forms Management

  • Authority to issue, approve and modify all forms within the Department.

  • Participation in the Forms Committee to send form for field testing

  • Catalog all department forms


  • Maintain the Department's crime reporting statistics

  • Relaying information to other agencies, the media, and the public

  • Development of formats for crime trend reporting

Contact us:

Becky Wilkins, Office Assistant
Research, Planning and Analysis Division

Monica Nguyen, Supervisor
Analysis Unit 

John Couchell, Supervisor
Research and Planning Unit

Sergeant J. D. Cox , Supervisor
Professional Standards

Paul S Paskoff, Director
Research, Planning, and Analysis Division 

Officer using patrol car laptop