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2006 - 2007 Awards

Police Gold Cross - Awarded posthumously to members of the department killed in the line of duty
-Officer Sean Robert Clark and Officer Jeff R. Shelton
Officers Sean Clark and Jeff Shelton were responding to what should have been a routine disturbance call for service at the Timber Ridge Apartments near Milton Rd. the night of Saturday, March 31, 2007.
They were both fatally shot around 11:15 pm while struggling with a suspect in the parking lot. They died at Carolinas Medical Center in the early morning hours of April 1. Before they died, officers picked up the man  who was later charged with their murders.

Medal of Valor - For bravery above and beyond the call off duty
- Sergeant Graham Brown and Officer David Artieri
On the night of June 2, 2006 Violent Criminal Apprehension Team (VCAT) officers with SWAT Team assistance located two murder suspects in a hotel room on Sunset Rd. SWAT officers attempted entry but the door's safety latch prevented it. After a flash bang was thrown through the window, Sergeant Brown and Officer Artieri covered the room to protect the entry team. When a suspect began firing, Brown and Artieri returned fire, fatally wounding the shooter. The other suspect surrendered a short time later.

- Officer Jonathan Cerdan
On May 11, 2006, Officer Cerdan responded to a domestic violence call for service. As he approached the address, a female jumped out of a car and ran toward him screaming for help. She was being chased by her husband who was holding a butcher knife and threatening to kill her and himself.
After Officer Cerdan got the victim inside his patrol car, the husband ran back to his car and attempted to ram the patrol car. Officer Cerdan used evasive driving tactics and was able to avoid any collisions with the suspect's vehicle. The suspect was arrested a short time later and charged with Assault on a Female, Assault on a Government Official, Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Kidnapping.

- Detective Dave Turner
Detective Turner was eating lunch at a restaurant when a man came in, yelling that a Domino's a few doors down was being robbed. After calling in the robbery, Turner approached the business and saw that the suspect had a handgun pointed at employees as he tried to get into the register. Detective Turner entered the store with his weapon drawn and ordered everyone to the floor. Even the suspect complied and was taken into custody without incident .

Medal of Merit - For Extraordinary Actions to Preserve Public Safety 
- K-9 Officer D.J. Brown and Officer Scott Gerson
These officers responded to a 911 call about a vehicle traveling erratically on Wilkinson Blvd.  The caller followed the vehicle until it went off the road and into a lake. As soon as they arrived at the scene, Officers Brown and Gerson dove into the lake and swam to the car, about 30' from shore. They extracted a four-year old boy from the back seat, and then pulled the driver, the boy's mother, out of the car. She had passed out while driving the car. Their quick actions averted a potential tragedy.

-Officer Mike Cotton
The SWAT Team was called out to a house where a robbery suspect was thought to be hiding. The suspect was ordered to exit the house with his hands up. Instead, he started shooting through the walls. As officers retreated to cover,  Officer Cotton saw the suspect fire a shot from a second storey window. Cotton immediately returned fire. When SWAT officers entered the building, they found the suspect deceased. Officer Cotton's round had wounded him but the fatal wound was self-inflicted. Officer Cotton's excellent marksmanship  quite possibly prevented injuries to his fellow officers and himself.

- Officer D.E. Jones III
Officer Jones is credited with locating and detaining the suspect in the murders of Officers Sean Clark and Jeff Shleton. Officer Jones was at the jail intake processing a prisoner when he heard about the shooting. As soon as he finished, he drove to the scene. Enroute he heard the description of the suspect. Shortly after arriving at the perimeter,  Jones spotted the suspect and officers were able to quickly arrest him.

- Officer Greg Hester
Officer Hester, a SWAT sniper, heard a call about an officer being shot, and reported to a residence on Norcroft Dr. where the suspect had barricaded himself. Officer Hester reported seeing the man appear at the back door with his arms up. The suspect ran from the house and fired a gun. Officer Hester returned fire, striking the suspect  twice. Officer Hester's quick thinking and excellent marksmanship ended the threat to the other officers and himself. 

Life Saving Award
Officer Shawn McMichael and Officer Brad Upchurch
These officers responded to a call for service regarding a man sleeping on a bench in the center city. When the officers located him, they realized he was unconscious, and they could not find a pulse. They began CPR and other emergency measures before Medic arrived. Their actions saved the man's life.

- Officer Darrel Brown, Officer Terry Davis, Officer Bobby Lyons and Officer Lynn Stewart
Officer Davis and Officer Lyons were working traffic at Bobcats Arena.  A car exited the Bank of America parking deck and went straight across the road into a concrete wall. Officers ran to the car and discovered that the driver was not breathing. Officers Brown and Stewart pulled the victim from the car, and Officer Lyons assisted with traffic and crowd control, while Officer Davis retrieved and set up the AED. He administered  a shock that restored the man's heartbeat. The officers' quick actions saved the man's life.


Chief's Award for Excellence in Community Policing
Latino Radio Call-in Show
-Detective Danny Hernandez

Window Tint Project
-Officer Jeremiah Blow, Officer Michael Retort and Officer Todd Watson

Dusk to Dawn Curfew
-Sergeant Lebraun Evans, Sergeant Dave Scheppegrell, Barry Cook and Linda Morris Fox

Safe Speed Program
-Officer Charlie Brown, Officer David O. Collins II, Officer Donald Eubanks, Officer John Frison, Officer Thomas Gale III, Officer Mark Jadlocki, Officer Andrew J. Oberer, Officer Joseph A. Raby, Officer Howard P. Setzer, Officer Todd W. Watson, Officer Kevin Weaver and Charles L. Jones

Street Racing Project
-Sergeant Steven Durant, Sergeant David B. Sloan, Officer Marco Aires, Officer David O. Collins II, Detective Jim Hart, Officer William Irby, Detective Daniel Kellough, Detective Kelly Little, Detective James A. Monroe III, Officer Andrew Oberer, Officer Joseph A. Raby, Officer Matthew Sammis, Officer Kevin Shy, Detective D.S. Spears, Detective J.J. Teague, Detective Mark Temple and Officer Steven A. Williams

United States v. Howard et al.
-Sergeant Katherine Scheimreif, Officer Daniel N. Decker, Detective Will Faulkner, Detective John R. Fish, Detective Matthew J. Grimsley, Detective Al Hart, Jr., Detective Scott Maxfield, Officer Darrin White, Special Agent Terry Tadeo, Assistant U.S. Attorney Karen S. Marston, Assistant U.S. Attorney Craig D. Randall and Tucker Greer

N. Tryon DNA Project
-Detective Dennis Simmons

Pawn Shop Project
-Captain Andy Leonard, Sergeant James A. Wilson, Detective Kim Simma, Linda Morris Fox and Darrellyn Kiser

Entertainment District Unit
Officer J.B. Chilton, Officer Derrick Crawford, Officer Karen Dula, Officer Michael C. Hurley, Officer Kevin Krauz, Officer Dawn Martin, Officer Mike Peacock, Officer Donna L. Ring, Officer Brad Upchurch, Officer Kip J. White and Officer T.L. Wrenn

N. Sharon Amity Traffic Initiative
Officer Marco Aires, Officer Travis Lee Archer, Officer Steve Begley, Officer Brian S. Carey, Officer Robert C.T. Childs, Officer Tricia Edwards, Officer Donald Eubanks, Officer Rafael Hernandez, Officer B.P. Matthews, Officer R.B. Reese, Officer Aaron B. Skipper, Officer Jeffrey Wheaton and Candace Inge

University City Back to School Initiative
-Sergeant William A. Boger Jr., Officer Michelle Butler, Detective Thomas G. Ledford, Officer R.C. Phelps, Officer Kenneth R. Sims, Officer Michael S. Smith, Officer Gresham T. Wilhelm and UNCC Public Safety Director Marlene Hall

Knight Inn Initiative
-Sergeant William A. Boger Jr., Officer Thomas E. Ferguson, Detective Matthew J. Grimsley, Officer D. J. Johnson, Officer Matthew Mescan, Officer Joe Miner, Officer John Ruisi, Fire Inspector Adam Clonginger, Fire Inspector Calvin Wright and Rick Gaskins

IMOBB Gang Project
-Officer Kathryn Pierce

Star Choice Project
-Officer Doug Callaghan, Detective W.D. Carey II, Officer Luke Donahue, Officer Terrance Gerald, Officer J.B. Helms, Officer Brian Scharf, Detective Ricky Stevenson, Detective Mark Temple, Detective Rita Vinson, Detective Charles H. Witherspoon Jr., Patricia H. Barker, Mike Bess, Mark Newbold, Anna F. Schleunes and S. Mujeeb Shah-Khan

Genesis Club Project
-Sergeant Tom Bary, Sergeant Cecil Brisbon, Sergeant Rich Stahnke, Officer Stephen C. Graham, Officer William D. Graham, Officer Adrienne M. Hucks, Officer Jacqueline King, Officer Jason Ott, Officer Brian Scharf, Officer Brendan Schmelter, Officer Robert A. Sprague, Officer Tod Taylor, Officer Brian H. Thompson and Officer Joel Wing

Sandhurst Apartments
-Officer Steven A. Selogy, Todd J. Collins and Chris Crawford

Archdale/Nations Ford Corridor
-Sergeant Bryan Miller, Officer Jeff Brown, Officer Donna Burgess, Officer Michael Carter, Officer Alex Cruz, Officer W.D. Dotson, Officer Shannon Goodwin, Officer Andrw Harris, Officer Altonio R. Rivers, Detective Charles H. Witherspoon Jr., Patricia H. Barker and E. Nadine Ford, R.S.

Economy Inn Project
-Officer Brian Colninger, Detective Douglas Moore, Officer Carolynn Pierce, Detective D.S. Spears, J. Bruce McDonald, Sandra Bisanar, James Bjorneboe, Dale Carter, Ronny E. Downer, Lynn Lathan, Robert Mahoney, Bart Massey and Tim Walker

Meritorious Award
Scott Campbell, Miles Elliott and Chauncey Phillips

-Ronald Cloninger, Leslie Fenlon and Robert Fenlon

-Delene Sutherland

Employees of the Year
Mike Bedard and Crystal Cody

Police Training Officer of the Year
-Officer Rollin E. Mackel