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2005-2006 Awards
To see the Adobe version: 2006 Awards.pdf
To see the Microsoft Powerpoint version: 2006 Awards.ppt
Silver Police Cross - For Serious Injuries
Sustained in the Performance of Duties
Officer Kayvan Hazrati
Officer Hazrati and other members of the Violent Criminal Apprehension Team were attempting to serve a warrant at the suspect's home, when the suspect opened fire. One shot, fired through a door, struck Officer Hazrati in the head, seriously wounding him. He survived the gunshot wound and is recovering.
Medal of Valor - For Bravery Above and Beyond the Call of Duty
- Officers John Collins, Andy Hall, Chris Miller, Shane Page and  Ryan Whetzel
These officers, members of the Violent Criminal Apprehension Team, were attempting to serve a warrant at a suspect's home. When the suspect fired a shot that  struck a team member in the head, they placed their lives in jeopardy to retrieve the officer and transport him to the hospital. 

- Officers Sean Moon, Jeremy Vredeveld and Ronald Webster
Responding to a call regarding an assault with a deadly weapon, officers arrived at the scene while shots were being fired. With MEDIC standing by, the officers went inside and found an elderly woman with a gunshot wound. Realizing she was in need of immediate medical assistance, one officer provided cover for his fellow officers who, using a sheet for a sling, carried  the victim outside to MEDIC so the victim could be taken to a hospital.

- Officers J.B. Helton, Shane J. Lawrence and Richard Meyer
When officers arrived at the scene of a head-on collision, they found a victim trapped in a burning car. Officers broke through the rear window and were able to pull the man to safety before the car was engulfed in flames.

- Officer Gerson Herrara
Officer Hererra responded to a call to assist the Charlotte Fire Department with a working fire at a multi-family residence. Without hesitation, he entered the burning structure to assist in the
evacuation of residents. He returned to the flaming building to retrieve prescription medications and provided aid to a man who had broken his leg after jumping off his balconly to safety.

- Officers Brayton J. Roche and John Williams
At the scene of a break-in in progress, officers were confronted with a suspect pointing a weapon at them.  Although one officer fired at the suspect, causing him to drop his weapon, he was subdued and handcuffed only after being tased. While the suspect continued his aggressive actions, the officers remained calm and professional, bringing the incident to a safe conclusion. 

- Officers Ronald W. Blanton and Donald C. Waters
While on duty, the officers drove up on a fiery vehicle. Seeing a dazed man inside,Officers Roche and Williams forced the driver's door open and pulled the man to safety. The victim, who had suffered a diabetic seizure, was saved from any injuries by the officers' quick actions.

- Officers Donald W. Bristle and Eric Kelly 
Along  with two Charlotte Fire captains, helicopter pilots Bristle and Kelly flew to Burke County to
assist in a rescue mission for a mountain climber who had fallen from a cliff in a remote area and sustained life threatening injuries. Working in extremely hazardous conditions near nightfall, the team executed an elaborate rescue operation with great precision and skill which resulted in
the climber's safe removal and transport to an area where emergency medical personnel could begin treating him.

Medal of Merit - For Extraordinary Actions to Preserve Public Safety
- Officer Gideon John
Officer John and an Animal Control Officer were on a call regarding a pit bull that had bitten a child. Before the Animal Control Officer was able to secure the pit bull, it lunged at her and clamped down on her forearm. Officer John quickly gained control of the dog, freeing the Animal Control Officer's arm, thus preventing serious injury.
Sergeant Spence Cochran, Officers Steve Davis and Don Penix
When the officers responded to a call from a woman whose ex-boyfriend had tried to run her off the road, the officers located the victim standing by her car. The suspect, angry and despondent because their relationship had ended,  was a few blocks away walking in the middle of the road. When the officers approached the suspect, they could see a handgun in the waistband of his pants. Talking calmly to the suspect, they were able to disarm him, take him into custody and convince him to go to Mental Health for treatment.

- Officer Jeffrey Williams
Officer Williams was flagged down by a man who had been driving his wife to the hospital to give birth. The woman's labor had intensified greatly, and he asked the officer to provide escort to them. It was quickly clear that birth was imminent. Officer Williams took control of the situation and, using appropriate first resonder techniques, calmly delivered the couple's baby girl.  

- Sergeant Gerald Smith
Sergeant Smith was the on-duty supervisor the day Officer Hazrati was shot by a barricaded suspect. Sergeant Smith's adept decision making in the aftermath of the "officer down" situation optimized the safety of both the officers and residents. His initial assessment laid the groundwork for an effective transfer of control to the SWAT Team and to the ultimate success of the operation. 
Chief's Award for Excellence in Policing
Weapons Disposal Process
- David Crowley, Jerry Clifton, Jeff Diamond, Pam Richardson, Richard Danielsen and John Joye
Beer Keg Theft Prevention
Detectives Carol Payne and Tom Geisler; Officers Chandos Williams and Altonio Rivers; Captain Andy Leonard, and Sergeant Gregory D. Venn
Check Fraud
- Officers Horatio Bannister and Robert Murfitt
Mallard Creek Robbery Hot Spot
- Detective A.K. Fant, Officers Thomas Edward Ferguson, D.L. Johnson, Matt Mescan, Melvin Miner, R.C. Phelps and John Rusi
CMPD Camera System
-Officer Richard Paul Heaton
201 W. Kingston Ave.
-Officer Mark A. Mauldin
AmeriCold Plant Project
- Officer Mark W. Rowland
Removal of a drug house on Dundeen Street
-  Officers Blake D. Hollar, David R. Michaud and David Hudson; Code Enforcement Inspector Renee Tench
Improvements to Lincoln Heights vacant apartment building
-Officers Paul A. Blackwood, Michael A. Harris, and Brian K. Smith
Davidson Cemetary Cleanup
- Officers Greg Martin and Michael W. Wyrick, Jr.
2005 Gun Initiative
- Officers Theodore P. Castano and Todd Kanipe
Crime Free Hotel / Motel Program
-Officer Jeffrey Brown
Elizabeth Commercial District
- Sergeant Alfred Bruce Millett Jr.: Officers Jason S. Hooven, Joe Mullis, Laura L. Nelson, E. DeWayne Poston and Todd Taylor
School Bus Safety Project
- Officers Joseph M. Reiner, Christian Sean Wagner, and William F. Irby
Lifesaving Award
For Saving the Life of Brooklyn Jenkins
-Officer Costa A. "Rick" Walton
For Saving the Life of Milton Patterson
- Officer Gerald A. Watts
For Saving the Life of Edith Miller
- Officer L. David Turner
For saving the Life of Stanley Duncan Miller
-Officers Kevin Weaver, Joseph W. Carey and Olin M. Lester
For saving the Life of Tim Phillips
- Officer Timothy D. Parker
For saving the Life of Broderick Jackson
- Officer Hassan S. Peterson
Meritorious Award - For Extraordinary Actions by Citizens to Aid Public Safety
- Jason Russell Harris
- Aires Whitehurst
- Charlotte Fire Department Captians J.D. Thomas and John Vonacannon
- Lisa Marie Suddreth


Chief's Award for Community Service
Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort
- David Artieri, Bret Balamucki, Richard Michael Cotton, Timothy Gromis, James Guard, Gregory W. Hester, James W. Hetrick, Christopher Kimbell, Michael V. King, J.A. Littlejohn, H.D. McKinney, John M. Melekian, Matt Mescan, David R. Michaud
Timothy D. Parker, Will Parks, Donald B. Penix Jr., Eric B. Peterson, Timothy D. Stewart , Frederick A. Thornton, Chris Trull, Paul T. Updegraff, Alex Watson, Kip J. White, Steven P. Winterhalter
Police Employee of the Year
-Officer Curt Gormican
Police Training Officer of the Year
- Officer Joseph W. Hovis