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Balancing Workloads: CMPD 2007 Patrol Division Redistricting

The new  University City Division is up and running as CMPD's 13th patrol district. That, along with other boundary changes to the other 12 divisions took effect January 13, 2007 as part of the department's redistricting initiative to balance workloads, staffing and provide equitable service throughout the jurisdiction.

The last time the department redrew its patrol division boundaries was in 2000. Since then, the jurisdiction has experienced considerable population growth, especially in the outlying unincorporated area.

The result has been a growing workload (calls for service) imbalance and unequal staffing levels across the previous 12 patrol divisions. The department's redistricting plan addresses these problems and considers the impact of future development on the department's service in the community.

The redistricting calls includes a new, 13th patrol division and realigns the boundaries for the other 12 divisions.