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Energy Programs
Electric and Alternative Energy Vehicles

 Total Federal Funding: $300 million
 Estimated N.C. Funding:  ---
 Estimated Local Funding: Competitive grant application process
 Administering Agency: U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)
 Overview: DOE will receive funding to provide for alternative energy vehicle projects. The funds will be distributed through the Centralina Council of Governments and DOE’s existing Clean Cities program. DOE will make up to 30 awards, with a 50/50 cost-share requirement. The awards will be between $5 – $15 million.
Projects may include:
  • hybrid electric vehicles
  • idle reduction technology
  • blending of non-petroleum based fuels (ethanol or biodiesel) with conventional fuels
  • higher efficiency vehicles, and driving practices
  • alternative fuels.
Funds may go toward cost-shared programs expanding the use of alternative fuel/technology vehicles, as well as the installation or acquisition of infrastructure necessary to directly support an alternative fuel vehicle.
 Eligibility: Eligible applicants for this competitive grants process include state and local governments, metropolitan transportation authorities, air pollution control districts and private or non-profit entities.
 Local Funding Availability: Summer 2009
 Contact Information: Rob Phocas, Energy and Sustainability Manager
 Amounts Obligated:  ---
 Job Creation/Retention:  ---
 Project Completion Status:  ---
 Tentative Public Hearing:  ---
 Links for More Information: Clean Cities website