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Urban Infrastructure

Engineering & Property Management’s Urban Infrastructure team provides project management services for various infrastructure programs throughout the city. They work closely with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Commission, CDOT, CATS and other City agencies to manage several programs of capital improvements such as:

  • Northeast Corridor Infrastructure Program providing needed infrastructure for transit neighborhoods
  • Farm to Market Roadway Improvement program - improving rural roads to serve new development
  • Area Plans Program - providing specific infrastructure needs as identified by citizen involvement in area studies
  • Business Corridor Revitalization - providing infrastructure support to enhance Charlotte's older business corridors
  • Center City Transportation Program - providing support for uptown infrastructure initiatives

This group also provides management of private redevelopment projects in coordination with the City's economic development efforts. These projects help make Charlotte's Center City and transit corridors a vibrant, successful urban community.   


For more information on E&PM’s Urban Infrastructure program, contact Jim Keenan at 704-336-4252.