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Land Development
About the Land Development Division:

The Land Development Division of E&PM is responsible for the review and inspection of residential subdivisions and commercial development projects in order to ensure compliance with various City ordinances and standards.  Land Development staff consists of Engineers, Site Inspectors, Urban Foresters, Erosion Control Specialists, Zoning reviewers and Administrative staff.

Land Development Engineers review Stormwater Management Plans, flood protection studies, drainage studies, subdivision plats, and storm drainage and BMP as-built surveys, and also perform calculation of subdivision bond estimates.

At the time of dedication of subdivision streets to the City, the proper construction of the streets and infrastructure is guaranteed with a bond/surety program managed by the Bond Administration section of Land Development.

During site construction the Erosion control specialists, Urban Foresters, and Site Inspectors visit the site to ensure the project is built in compliance with approved plans and City ordinances and standards.  These groups are responsible for coordinating site-related City Code requirements during construction through the building permit process toward eventual engineering hold release for Certificate of Occupancy.  
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