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Standard Operating Guidelines and Fire Code Information and Regulations

Standard Operating Guidelines:

                FPB 110-01 Requirements for Fire Safety and Evacuation Plans
                FPB 200 Fire Sprinklers in Electrical Rooms
                FPB 204 Outdoor Warming Fires
                FPB 211 Indoor Pyrotechnic Display Permit
                FPB 212 Outdoor Pyrotechnic Display Permit
                FPB 213 Blasting Permits and Site Inspections
                FPB 214.02 Fire Watch Requirements
                FPB 215 Fire Alarm Pre-Signal Requirements
                FPB 221 Acceptance Testing of Standpipe Systems DOC.pdf 
                FPB 222 Trade Shows and Exhibitions
                FPB 224 Positioning of Sprinklers in Unfinished Spaces
                FPB 225 Installations and Approval of Fire Lanes
                FPB 225.01 Specifications for Marking Fire Lanes on Private Property
                FPB 225.02 Official Fire Lane Signs and Markings
                FPB 227 Guidelines for Gated Communities
                FPB 231 Carnival and Fair Requirements
                FPB 234 Storage and Blending of Ethanol-Blended Fuels
                FPB 236 Evacuation Requirements for Independent and Assisted Living Facilities

CFD Fire Code Information and Regulations:

                Grilling Ordinance
                Haz Mat Placard Guidelines.pdf                                           
                Shop Plans Review Requirements 
                Tent Guidelines and Permitting Requirements, Rev. 5-2-12 docx.pdf
                Permitting and Safeguarding Tanks.pdf
                Fire Equipment Servicing Guidelines.pdf  
                Certificate of Occupancy Requirements, Rev. 4-3-12.pdf
                Place of Assembly Guidelines.pdf

                Evacuation Plan Guidelines:

                General Evacuation Plan.pdf
                Group Home Evacuation Plan.pdf
                Hotel Motel Evacuation Plan.pdf
                School Evacuation Plan.pdf
                Nursing Home-Assisted Living Evacuation Plan.pdf 
                Small Home Day Care Evacuation Plan.pdf