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The strategic plan for the Airport has two major components:

1.  Air/Rail Inter-Modal Project
Advance the concept of a rail inter-modal facility in conjunction with the airport.
- Develop the concept with Norfolk-Southern of a rail/truck inter-modal facility on the Airport to replace their inter-modal facility now located on North Tryon Street.
- Identify the potential tenants and seek use commitments, prepare cost estimates, and develop a financial plan to support construction and operation of the inter-model infrastructure.
- Seek City Council approval to execute a financial plan and construct the facility.
- Assemble and acquire land to support the facility.
- Evaluate the concept's feasibility and (if the decision is affirmative) carrying out the next steps. 
- Percentage increase in air cargo and rail freight

2.  Third Parallel Runway
Expand air service capacity at Charlotte/Douglas International Airport by completing construction of a third parallel runway over the next five years.
- Commence design and complete land acquisition
- Airlines approve financing plan for runway (Majority-in-Interest vote).
- Issue bonds and acquire land.
- City Council approves financial plan, and awards contracts for design and construction.
- Complete construction of runway.
- Complete land acquisition and begin design within three years, after securing necessary commitments from the EPA, FAA, and airlines, and approval of City Council for a financing plan 
- Increase in capacity accommodate increased flights and air service