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Get Involved with the Mayor's Mentoring Alliance
How Can You Get Involved
It's simple. Call (704) 343-9934 and share your interest in becoming an adult volunteer. Based on your interest area, you'll then be given several recommendations on mentoring or tutoring programs. After that you will need to contact that agency and set up a time for an interview.

What's expected of a mentor/tutor?
As a mentor/tutor you are a responsible and reliable adult who is a friend and not a savior to a young person. It's important that you develop a bond and a relationship that include taking part in various activities that interest both parties.

If you volunteer, you can:

  • teach a class
  • be a friend
  • tutor a student
  • coach a team
  • show a child a new skill
  • set positive examples as a role model
  • be a career mentor
  • and more!

Contact the following for more information on the Mayor's Mentoring Alliance:

City of Charlotte
Neighborhood & Business Services
600 East Trade Street, Charlotte, NC 28202
(704) 336-2928

For more information on mentoring opportunities contact:
United Way
Information and Referral Services
(704) 343-9934