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Beautification Grants
Neighborhood Improvement Grant project type example - playground

Beautification projects include physical improvements to public areas to make every community in Charlotte a beautiful place to live, work, and shop. Public areas include land owned by your neighborhood or homeowner's association. If it is land owned by the City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County or the State of North Carolina, you must get permission from the proper authority. The land could also be owned by a business or private individual in the community; they must provide written permission. The project must be something the entire community can access and benefit from. Improvements to personal properties are not eligible. 

Project examples include: 

  • Landscaping and neighborhood beautification
  • Murals
  • Benches
  • Community Art
  • Tree Planting
  • Decorative signal cabinets
  • Neighborhood nuisance prevention

Other Resources:

For more information about beautification projects, contact Atalie Zimmerman at 704-336-4594 or azimmerman@charlottenc.gov.