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Quality of Life Study - Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the Quality of Life Study?

A:  The Quality of Life Study evaluates social, crime, physical and economic conditions in Charlotte's neighborhoods. In 2012, environmental data will be added to the Study.

Q:  What is the information used for?

A:   The City, County, CMS, and other agencies use this information to: 

  • Develop action/work plans 
  • Determine resource allocation 
  • Identify capacity-building opportunities

Neighborhood associations also use the information to understand their communities and develop their work plans. 
Q:  What does it mean?

A:   The research is a snapshot in time of how neighborhoods are doing based upon a wide variety of factors.
Q:  Why are the boundaries changing?

A:   Some of the current boundaries are large, some of the current neighborhoods are small. The new boundaries will be more consistent and will better align with available data sources, providing more accurate information about the neighborhoods    

Q:  Will the new boundaries affect my neighborhood’s overall score? 

A:   There will now be multiple scores and not one overall score.  

Q:  How many new neighborhood groupings will there be?

A:  There will be 394 Neighborhood Profile Areas

Q:  Will my neighborhood still be measured against other neighborhoods in Charlotte?

A:   Different data will be treated differently.  Some variables will be measured against a fixed goal, others will be measured in relation to City averages.  A part of the new study will be to determine the best way for each variable to be reported.    
Q:  If our neighborhood or business hasn’t started energy improvements, will that lower our area’s overall score?

A:  The environmental data will look at consumption and environmental attributes.  Each Neighborhood Profile Area will learn about their current consumption patterns and environmental footprints so that they can better develop neighborhood action plans.  

Q:  Besides energy data, what other data will be introduced with the 2012 Quality of Life?

A:  Thanks to access to American Community Survey, the City now has the ability to track a number of new measures including median household income, ratio of income to poverty level and home occupancy.  The City also will be asking the public to help determine what data they think are important to include.  
Q:  Will the overall categories, Stable, Transitioning and Challenged, still be the same?  If not, what will they be?

A:   New categories or scores have not been finally determined; the effectiveness of assigning grades for different measures is being researched. This way a neighborhood would have a series of grades, instead of one overall designation. 
Q:  Will the Quality of Life Study still be conducted every 2 years?

A:   Yes. 
Q:  In the last study, the Study surveyed Business Corridors.  Will that be done for 2012?

A:  Yes, business corridors will be included in the study moving forward. 
Q:  Will neighborhood leaders get to help decide the new boundaries?

A:   We are seeking input from neighborhood leaders regarding the boundaries, particularly the combination of census block groups. However, our desire to access certain new data sources limits our ability to make fine tuned street and lot adjustments. As always, a strong partnership between community members and the City is vital to understanding Charlotte's neighborhoods. 
Q:  Where can I find the 2012 Quality of Life Study?

A:   Copies of Quality of Life Study reports can be found on the Quality of Life Study website.