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What does the 2015 Master Plan Do?

The 2015 Plan accomplishes these major objectives
- Objective #1: Assesses growth assumptions set forth in the 2005 Generalized Land Use Plan and extend the projections to the year 2015;
- Objective #2: Identifies and clarifies key community issues;
- Objective #3: Establishes goals to achieve our long-term vision of a successful community;
- Objective #4: Provides direction for staff in developing work programs and identifying priority projects (objectives);
- Objective #5: Ultimately, links City and County initiatives to the community's long term goals and objectives.The process used to achieve these five major plan objectives included much public involvement in education sessions, focus groups, questionnaires, work groups and public meetings.


Objective #1 was addressed in our initial planning document, the 2015 View, as well as in the growth trends section of the draft 2015 Plan. Some of the highlights include the following projections: By the year 2015,
- Over 250,000 more people will live in Mecklenburg County (578,000 in 1995 to 815,000)
- Over 250,000 more cars will be on our roadways
- 120,000 more housing units will be built
- 200,000 more jobs will be added

Objective #2 was accomplished by citizens, in focus groups, who identified and clarified the major community issues which lay the framework for the 2015 Plan. These issue areas are:
- Economic Development
- Transportation
- Land Use and Design
- Neighborhoods
- Education
- Parks, Recreation and Open Space
- Regionalism

Citizen work groups then formulated goals and objectives (Objectives #3 and Objective #4) for each of these seven issue areas. The goals were established to help achieve our long term vision of a successful community. And, the objectives relating to each goal provide direction in developing specific projects and initiatives to address the goals.

The 2015 Plan does not identify specific projects or initiatives, rather it tells us what issues are most important and directs us to develop the projects and initiatives to best address those priority issues. In this way, when projects and initiatives are undertaken, they will be linked to the community's key goals and objectives (Objective #5).

To request a copy of the complete draft 2015 Plan contact:
Planning Commission
or use the page comment form at the right



For more information regarding the 2015 Plan contact:
Garet Johnson
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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Department
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Charlotte, North Carolina 28202
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