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Planning and Design
The vitality of Charlotte's environment relates directly to the quality of the city's transportation network. The management of investments and strategies necessary for the maintenance,administration and improvement of the transportation system in Charlotte is carried out by CDOT's Planning and Design Division. Considerations of clean air, economic development, congestion management, transportation design and changing urban appearance are taken into account when planning transportation facilities and policies.

road development and mixed land use 

The Planning and Design Division performs numerous planning tasks including creating the 2035 Long-Range Transportation Plan; assessing opportunities for better regional transportation planning; and development and implementation of the City Transportation Action Plan (TAP) and Urban Street Design Guidelines (USDG).

Planning and Design Division Manager
Norman Steinman    704-336-3939 or 704-336-3906

Bicycle Program Manager

Ken Tippette   704-336-2278

Pedestrian Program Manager
Scott Curry​    704-432-4638