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Valet Parking Ordinance

In September 2006, Charlotte City Council approved a Valet Parking Ordinance to:

  • Protect citizens in the public right-of-way
  • Ensure traffic safety
  • Allow emergency services proper navigation room
  • Accommodate restaurant growth in Center City and impact to other businesses
  • Provide standards and clear guidelines for operating valet services in Charlotte 
A hotel valet in uniform
Any business operating, or wishing to operate, regular valet services in the public-right-of-way is required to comply with Section 19-321 of the parking ordinance and complete a yearly permit application.

Applications for annual renewal must be received by December 1 of each year.

Temporary permits are available for one-time short duration events. 

    »Apply for a permit here
    »View a sample permit here
Valet Parking Services Defined:

"Valet parking service means accepting possession of a vehicle on the right-of-way for the purpose of parking the vehicle for the operator or retrieving the parked vehicle and returning it to the operator on the right-of-way, regardless of whether a fee is charged."