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Charlotte's Transportation Action Plan (TAP)


Transportation Action Plan
(update underway in 2016)
What is it?
The Transportation Action Plan (TAP) is the City's multi-modal transportation plan. The plan considers the transportation challenges and opportunities facing Charlotte over the next 25 years, and establishes the overall vision, programs, projects, and funding necessary to keep Charlotte moving.

2016 TAP Update Materials

What's Happening?
The TAP was originally adopted in 2006, and is updated every 5 years. Currently, staff is in the process of updating the TAP to reflect the transportation challenges and needs of a City of 1.2 million people in 2040.  During this update, staff will engage City Council and the public in discussions about Charlotte’s vision for transportation.

This 2016 TAP update will also take a fresh look at the goals, policies, programs and projects last identified in the 2011 TAP update. Another important piece of the TAP update will be a review of the funding required to achieve Charlotte's vision for transportation. 

Public input was essential in the crafting of the TAP and will continue to be essential as staff begin the next update of the TAP in 2015/2016. Stay tuned for future opportunities to help identify and refine Charlotte's transportation vision and priorities in the coming year.

For more information, please contact Ben Miller, CDOT Transportation Planner, at or 704-432-1535.

Interstate near uptown Charlotte 

How Can I Get Involved? 
Stay tuned for additional opportunities for engagement at community events this Spring and Summer to learn about the interrelated plans and share how you want to MOVE as Charlotte grows. 

If you would like a team member to give an update at a neighborhood or community meeting, please contact Ben Miller at


Thank you for joining us at the Charlotte MOVES: A Transportation and Planning Workshop on March 22, 2016. 

2011 Transportation Action Plan Update - Documents

City Council adopted the TAP update on August 22, 2011. The TAP consists of two documents, the TAP Policy Document and the TAP Technical Document.

Transportation Action Plan Policy Document
Due to the file size of the TAP's appendices, we've divided the TAP into two parts for easier download. The maps may take longer to download.  ​
TAP Policy Document - Goals, policies, objectives and Programs & Improvements funding list
TAP Appendices - Supplemental maps 

Transportation Action Plan Technical Document
Due to the file size of the TAP technical document's appendices, we've divided it into three parts for easier downloading. The maps and tables may take longer to download.    

1) TAP Technical Document - Information detailing the City's goals, objectives and policies, as well as existing conditions and financial analysis
TAP Tech Doc Appendix A - Supplemental maps and tables
3) TAP Tech Doc Appendix B
 - Supplemental maps and tables

Watch the TAP video!

Annual Report
The City publishes a TAP annual report in order to keep City Council and Charlotte residents informed on the progress and challenges in implementing the TAP.

2014 TAP Annual Report




2013 TAP Annual Report

2012 TAP Annual Report
2009 TAP Annual Report
2008 TAP Annual Report
2007 TAP Annual Report

If you have additional questions about the TAP not answered on this Web site, please contact Ben Miller, Transportation Planner, at 704-432-1535.


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