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Neighborhood Traffic Management


Citizens of Charlotte frequently express their concerns regarding traffic speeds, pedestrian safety and other concerns in residential neighborhoods. The City established this neighborhood traffic management program to address these concerns. The program is a joint effort between the residents and the City to improve traffic safety in their neighborhoods.

To request a traffic calming remedy for your neighborhood, contact the CharMeck 311 Center at 311 or submit a request online. Since every neighborhood presents a unique set of circumstances, an Engineering Services Investigator will be assigned to each request. 

Note: If your request meets criteria for traffic calming, the evaluation can take from 30 days to four months depending upon which traffic calming device is selected. 

Multiway stops usually take approximately 30 days, however, speed humps may take several months longer because speed humps are only installed once a year in the spring and summer.

Because of funding limitations, CDOT must prioritize all requests with a prioritization system based on speed levels and the amount of pedestrian and vehicular activity. Until all requests are received and evaluated, we cannot determine who will be invited to petition for speed humps.

In order to be approved for speed humps or multiway stop installations, neighborhood support is desired, and can be obtained by one of two methods:

1)  A letter of endorsement from the neighborhood association.  The neighborhood association will be required to notify property owners within the impact area (as defined by CDOT) of the impending traffic calming measure, and no petition will be required, or

2)  If the neighborhood association does not support the proposed service, the resident can petition.  Petitions require signatures of 60% of all property owners within the impact area.  If a petition is required, the CDOT will define the impact area, and issue the petition.