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Blue Planet Water Environmental Center
blue planet 

Blue Planet Water Environmental Center is a hands-on educational center about water and wastewater.
It is located at Lee S. Dukes (North Mecklenburg) Water Treatment Plant in Huntersville and opened
to the public in December 2003. 

Blue Planet is currently closed for renovations. Email to schedule a plant tour.

inside blue planetCharlotte Water provides speakers for community groups as staff resources allow.

Check out the Blue Planet Brochure, Frequently Asked Questions, and Insert.

Video about Speakers Bureau and see a sample tour.

What You Learn in The Blue Planet:

* The Water Cycle
* How Water Gets to Your Faucet
* What Happens Down the Drain (Wastewater Treatment)
* Ways to Protect the Environment
* How to be WaterSmart
What You Can Do in the Blue Planet:

* Pump Water Uphill
* Test Water Quality
* Locate an Underground Pipe
* Follow a Robotic Camera into a Sewer Manhole
* Turn Valves and hydrants
* And much more