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City Council to consider water meter electronic transmitter replacement contract
CHARLOTTE - Charlotte City Council will consider a contract at its meeting on Monday, November 28, to replace approximately 68,000 water meter electronic transmitters at the manufacturer's expense. Customers that have a transmitter that will be replaced will get a letter in the mail with more details.

As a part of the 40-point customer service improvement plan, CMUD implemented new quality assurance process changes that led the utility to discover the potential for a certain model of electronic meter transmitters to fail in the field. The transmitters convert water usage information measured by the meter and register into electronic data and send it via a radio signal to the meter reading trucks.

The potential malfunctions are related to a particular batch of electronic components used by the manufacturer during a certain time period. CMUD is able to identify the locations where this equipment is installed through the serial numbers of the equipment.

When the transmitters do malfunction, they transmit the water usage information from the meter as either too low or too high. The change out will start December 1 and run through April.

During the change out procedure, steps will be taken to confirm that the water usage sent by the transmitter to the billing system matches what is on the mechanical register at the meter. Any discrepancy in the customer's favor will result in a billing adjustment.