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Do Your Part. WaterSmart.
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WaterSmart Water Conservation Program for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utility Department Providing high-quality drinking water while protecting the environment is central to the overall mission of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utility Department (CMUD).

A cornerstone of the effort to protect the environment is our WaterSmart water conservation program.

For more than a decade, WaterSmart has encouraged the efficient use of water for indoor and outdoor purposes. From low-flow plumbing devices to smart irrigation controllers, the goal of WaterSmart is to help customers understand how best to conserve a most precious natural resource – our water.

WaterSmart Programs and Tips

irrigation photoIrrigation, Lawn Watering and Outdoor Use
From tips on planting to setting your sprinkler system in a way to, click here to learn more about ways to take care of your yard while using water most efficiently. 
Indoor Water Conservation
Did you know that leaking toilets are a leading cause of unusually high water bills? For more on how to ensure your plumbing is working correctly and other tips for lowering indoor water use, click here
Smart Irrigation
Our Smart Irrigation Program is designed to encourage high volume residential and commercial  irrigation customers to install high-efficiency smart irrigation controllers. By using daily weather satellite data and plant and site conditions, these smart controllers can cut irrigation use by 30 percent. For more, click here.  

Resources and Partnerships
Managing our water supply is a complex process that involves many partners. From municipalities both inside and outside of the Catawba River Basin to conservation groups and private sector companies, CMUD collaborates across organizational boundaries. For more, click here.