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Alexander Youth Network

Multi-Systemic Therapy (Community Based). 

This program serves youth who are at risk of re-offending and/or out-of-home placement. Mental health professionals facilitate client and family development of strength-based problem and conflict resolution skills, guide and support the youth in identifying and becoming involved in prosocial activities as well as teaching the family to encourage and support this involvement, improve parent-youth relationships to motivate the youth to cooperate with parental expectations, and teach parents skills for teaching, monitoring and motivating their youth's use of social skills which will allow him/her to be successful at home, in school, and in the community.


Multi-Dimensional Treatment Foster Care (MTFC).

A Blueprints for Violation Prevention model program effective for youth demonstrating chronic antisocial behavior, emotional disturbance and delinquency. It is a cost-effective, 6-9 month program designed as an alternative to residential treatment, hospitalization, or incarceration.

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