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Air Quality Exceptional Events Information


An air quality exceptional event as defined by 40CFR Part 50 § 50.1 is "an event that affects air quality, is not reasonably controllable or preventable, is an event caused by human activity that is unlikely to recur at a particular location or a natural event, and is determined by the Administrator in accordance with 40 CFR 50.14 to be an exceptional event."

MCAQ has identified the following air quality data that it believes were influenced by exceptional events.  An information package to document each exceptional event was compiled and submitted for a 30 day public notice.  After the public notice period, the information package was submitted to USEPA for concurrence or non-concurrence.  The information packages listed below have been processed through the public comment period and forwarded to USEPA.  Unless otherwise noted USEPA has not made a determination for the events listed below.

To view the data for the October 21, 2005 event click here

To view the data for the July 1, 2006 event click here

To view the data for the August 5 - 6, 2007 event click here

To view the data for August 17, 2007, click here
To view the data for September 5, 2007 click here

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