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Smoking Vehicle Program

Help stop smoking cars! Report smoking vehicles to Mecklenburg County Air Quality (MCAQ) to improve local air quality, help people with respiratory (breathing) problems breathe a little easier, and notify your fellow drivers of potential mechanical problems. Report vehicles with smoking tailpipes!

North Carolina General Statute 20-128.1 - "Control of Visible Emissions," prohibits gasoline and diesel powered vehicles from emitting visible smoke for longer than 5 seconds.
Report vehicles with visible tailpipe emissions by calling 311 or online, using the link below.
Link to Smoking Vehicle Reporting FormREPORT a smoking vehicle online.

The following information is required to report a smoking vehicle:
  1. North Carolina License Plate Number;
  2. Make and model of Vehicle (e.g. Ford F-150, Honda Civic, etc.);
  3. Location, date, and time of observation; and
  4. Name and daytime contact of Observer.
When a report is received, MCAQ will use the license plate information to get the owner's information from the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. MCAQ will then will send a letter to the owner reporting the observation and requesting repairs be made to vehicles. No information about the observer will be included in the letter to the vehicle's owner.
If you received a letter from MCAQ stating that your vehicle was observed smoking, use the link below to provide a response detailing actions taken.

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