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NC State Law (GS 163-46) requires Judges to attend training sessions conducted by the Board of Elections prior to each General Election and major Primary.

Judges, P/T Assistants and Equipment Assistants must attend mandatory training. Judges must attend mandatory training as set forth by NC State Law. Equipment Assistants must attend mandatory training and pass a skills test before working. P/T Assistants must attend mandatory training as scheduled by the BOE office.

Precinct Election Officials are paid to attend mandatory training sessions in addition to their Election Day compensation.

Assistants and Half-Day Assistants do not attend mandatory training, but must read the Assistant’s manual and meet with the Chief Judge prior to Election Day.

Voluntary supplemental training is also periodically offered by the county but is not required as attendance is optional.  Additional on-line training is offered on the State Board of Elections training website. There is no pay for on-line or voluntary supplemental training.

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