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Electrical Information for Homeowners


Attention! We do not promote or encourage you to do your own electrical wiring. It is by far the most dangerous home project you can attempt. You could put your family and possessions in danger!The Law 

Electrical Permits


Tips for the Homeowner



The state of North Carolina allows you to personally do your own wiring in your own home provided you personally will reside in the home and that it is not for rent or intended for sale within one year after you complete the electrical installation. All electrical installations, changes, additions, or modifications to wiring systems are subject to permitting and inspections.

Our goal is to protect the public health, safety, and welfare while delivering services that exceed customer's expectations for efficiency, effectiveness, and adaptability. Exceptional quality service is the standard.

Most often the Do-It-Yourself books, home center stores, HGTV, DYI network television shows are not as helpful as they may seem. They give the impression that many projects are very simple. The information received from the do-it-yourself books, home center stores and TV shows is not always consistent with the current edition of the National Electrical Code. The writers of the shows, the employees of the home center stores, and the authors of these books are not always qualified to give the correct information. To be assured your project will pass inspection, you must follow the current edition of the National Electrical Code.

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