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Code Enforcement Publications


14 Years of Change 

Approved Plan Consistency Policy 

Auto Notification Enhancement 11.21.12   

2012 Residential Code Online Memo from DOI

2012 NCBC Code Changes    
Building Code Crush - Article by James N. Bartl, AIA, Director of Code Enforcement

Building Development Ordinance

Carbon Monoxide Regulations Customer Memo

Code Compliance Task Force Concept Report to the BDC (May 12, 1999) (PDF file, 9MB)

Code Compliance Task Force Program Development Report to the BDC (February 9, 2000)

Code Compliance Task Force Reconvene Report to the BDC 8/9/05
 - Appendix: Meeting Notes

Commercial Inspection Study Group 
Final Report to the Building Development Commission

Commercial Plan Review Revisions Chart  

Contractors Cancellation Process 

Construction and Demolition Recycling

Cost Recovery Work Group Final Report to the BDC

Data Customer Focus Group Final Report

Daycare Requirements:

Deck Brochure

Departmental Consistency Policy  

Department Policy regarding case referral on contractor or professional licenses

Designers Guide To Accessibility In Education

Disapproved Inspections Charges

Dividing tenant spaces

Document Upload Feature 

Electronic Plan Submittal
  - May 2002 Report to the BDC
  - September 2002 Architect/Engineer Survey Results

Express Review Guidelines  

Expiration of Permits - Policy Memo   

Failures That Are Not Chargeable

Fee Ordinance - LUESA Fee Ordinance 
 - Building Permit Fee Calculations
 - Schedule for Additional Zoning Fees

Guidelines for Design, Installation, and Construction of Food Establishments in North Carolina  

State Plan Review Process for Chain and Food Service Establishments

How Do Customers and Code Enforcement Work Together?

How the NC Code Enforcement Process Varies from other States

Inspection by Appointment Program Summary

Inspection Schedule 

Inspections Services Guide 

Listing and Labeling Policy
    -  Design Professionals Option

Live-work Code Change
    -  Live-work Customer Memorandum

MECK-ID Instructions 

Metal Building Requirements and Options

New Construction Process Diagram   

Pass Rate Incentive Program

Phased Construction Checklist

Placard and Seating Requirements for Existing Restaurants

Plan Review Task Force Report (11/21/2000)

Plan Review Task Force Report (6/14/00)

Plan Review Task Force Report to the BDC (December 21, 2010)

Plans Submittal Requirements - Commercial

Priority Inspection Guidelines

Public Hearing Notes On Commercial Permitting Process Changes

Racking/Shelving Systems Policy

Re-Inspection Fee Program and Form

Rehab Code (2009 NC Rehab Code - 1 mb)   


Requirements for TCO for Phased Occupancy and Construction

Residential Construction Handbook

Residential Drawing Submittal Program (5mb download)

Residential Drawings Submittal Task Force (RDSTF) 2005 Reconvene - Final Report  

Residential Electronic Plan Submittal Policy   

Residential Zone 3, 2012 Energy Code Requirements

Residential Permitting Quick Guide

Residential Permitting Quick Guide (Spanish)

Residential Swimming Pools, Spas & Hot Tubs

Retaining Wall Design and Construction Requirements

Safeguards During Construction 


Seals - When They Are Required
  - Department Policy
  - NC Board of Architecture Seal Brochure

Screened Porch Booklet

Simple Steps To Hiring Contractor

Small Project Lead Contractor Schedule

Smoke Alarms

Spray Booths    



Summary of Expedited Plan Review Options available to customers

Summary of Key Data Points

Sunrooms: A How-To Guide  

Task Force On Regulations In Residential Construction


Technology Timeline 

Temporary Utility Service   

Third Party Agencies Accredited by the NCBCC

Third Party Inspection Program

Top Ten Deck Questions

Volume 1-C Accessibility Code Review Report

When You Need A Building Permit - Residential

When You Need A Building Permit - Commercial (PDF)

When Does City Land Development need to see my project? - Commercial

Workers' Compensation Insurance 2014 Changes 

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