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  • In 2004, the County had 56,766 veterans.  This does not include their spouses and dependent children who may be eligible for VA benefits. In 2004, NC had a total veteran population of 767,051.

  • In FY 2003, the VA paid $52.5 million in direct compensation to veterans and their families. The operating cost of the VSO was $411,000.  That is $127 returned on the County’s investment.
  • The Mecklenburg County Veterans Service Office (CVSO) has been open since June 1949. 96 of the 100 counties in North Carolina have their own CVSO.  Mecklenburg County VSO has a staff of nine and is the largest CVSO in North Carolina.

  • In 2005, more than 6540 clients visited the CVSO seeking VA benefits. Another 1337 seriously disabled veterans were served in their homes and outreached sites by Service Officers.

  • Several thousand veterans were assisted in applying for VA health care last year. In FY 2004, the VA paid $29,671 million in health care for veterans in Mecklenburg County. For many veterans, this is the only medical coverage they have.

  • Nationally, 1 to 2 thousand WWII vets die daily. Many of their surviving spouses will seek VA assistance. There are approximately 6570 WWII veterans living in Mecklenburg County.

  • Charlotte has a VA Outpatient Clinic that has the capacity to serve approximately 8,000 veterans. The closest VA hospital is in Salisbury, approximately 40 miles north of downtown Charlotte. The VA will open a larger Outpatient Clinic in Charlotte that will have the capacity to serve 25 thousand veterans. It will be located in the vicinity of Old Concord Road and WT Harris and is scheduled to open in Spring 2007. Charlotte also has a Vet Center that provides readjustment counseling for combat veterans.
  • Some key benefits that the CVSO assist veterans in obtaining are: service connected disability pay; pension for totally disabled veterans with wartime service (same benefit for surviving spouses); VA educational benefits for veterans, spouses and dependent children of disabled vets; medical treatment; VA home loans; VA life insurance; Casualty assistance for veterans who die of service connected deaths and retired military personnel; burial benefits; VA nursing home care.

  • Mecklenburg County has a Veterans Council that is a governing body for all of the veteran organizations in Mecklenburg County. The CVSO is an active member of the Council.  The Council meets every first Tuesday, 11:00 AM at VFW Post 4059 in Mint Hill. There are more than 50 veteran organizations in Mecklenburg County that the Council represents.

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