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Help, Encouragement and Recognition of Observers of Domestic Violence

Children are the unintentional, often times, forgotten victims of  domestic violence.

Some Effects of Domestic Violence on Children (PDF)

What is HERO?

How Can HERO Help?

Facts About Family Violence

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This 30 second Public Service Announcement was made possible through a partnership with the Justice Initiative and WAXN-TV.


Children are present in half the homes where police are called because of domestic violence.  Some have been abused.

Children in violent homes feel responsible for the abuse, suffer constant anxiety or worry about being abandoned.

They may experience cognitive or language problems, developmental delay, stress-related physical ailments and hearing and speech difficulties.

Boys who witness domestic violence are more likely to batter their female partners as adults than boys raised in non-violent homes.

At this time, approximately 15 states have already passed legislation that presence of physical violence should affect child custody decisions

Effects of Domestic Violence on Children (PDF) 

What is HERO really?


  • that focuses on children who witness violent behavior in their homes, such as spousal battering or assault
  • that recognizes child observers as having needs and concerns that are directly related to living in dysfunctional families
  • that provides direct services to children who have been identified as living in violent homes
  • that helps these children learn how to cope better with their daily lives, so they don't continue the cycle of violence when they grow up
  • that gives support not only to the children, but to other members of their families
  • that increases public awareness and sensitivity to the problems of a child observer


How can HERO help?

It is a DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND CHILD OBSERVER'S PROGRAM that provides small group or individual counseling for children of all ages from 5 to 18 years that will help them learn about...

Self Esteem
Safety Skills
Conflict Management
Identifying Feelings
Handling Anger

and provide these services...

Prevention and Intervention
Consultation and Referrals
Group Training Sessions


Facts About Family Violence...

Because there are no physical scars, children exposed to violence are often forgotten, or even ignored.

Domestic violence happens in families of all social and economic levels.

Domestic violence always gets WORSE, and can result in suicide or homicide.

Children are either on the scene or directly involved in over 50% of documented domestic violence situations.

Domestic Violence hits ONE in THREE families in our country.

Behavioral patterns learned by children in violent home situations affect their daily lives, often into adulthood.

Children who try to prevent a parent from being battered are at a greater risk of being hurt  themselves.

Only ONE in TEN acts of domestic violence is ever reported.

Family violence tends to be repeated over many generations.





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