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Board Bulletin April 1, 2011


CIAA Economic Impact

During its March 9 Budget/Public Policy meeting, the Board requested information on the estimated economic impact of the CIAA basketball tournament in Charlotte. In researching this question, County staff received economic impact data and analysis provided to the City of Charlotte by Elloitt D. Pollack and Company.

Based on most recent data available (2010), the CIAA Tournament’s economic impact can be quantified in the following three ways:

  1. Jobs – the numbers of jobs created from the tournament
  2. Personal Income – salary tied to the jobs
  3. Output – the purchase of goods and/or services by visitors as a result of the tournament

The data also are broken into three impact types:

  • Direct – Tied directly to the actual running of the tournament
  • Indirect – Resulting from supporting the tournament
  • Induced – General impact on the overall county economy from having the tournament in Charlotte

Impact Type Jobs Personal Income Output
Direct 140 $8,878,988 $24,718,355
Indirect 56 $2,635,144 $6,353,497
Induced 67 $2,388,610 $5,878,779
Total 264 $13,902,741 $36,950,631

The table above outlines a total economic impact of 264 jobs created, $13.9 million in personal income generated, and $36.9 million in economic output.

This calculated economic impact is then used to project the sales tax revenue impact for Mecklenburg County tied to direct spending. Based on the sales tax rate and the amount spent, $226,076 is the estimated additional sales revenue to the County as a result of the tournament. In addition, the tournament is estimated to generate $51,585 in Room Occupancy Tax and $34,103 in Rental Car Tax to the County.

Board members with questions should contact Budget & Management Director Hyong Yi, 704-336-6945.

Study on Citizen Advisory Experiences

In April, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Women’s Summit at UNC Charlotte is conducting a study to identify ways to improve and expand opportunities for citizen participation in advisory committees, particularly among women. 

To assist the Women’s Summit, Mecklenburg County is providing public records of recent applicants for citizen boards, commissions, councils and committees. These applicants will receive an email from the Women’s Summit at UNC Charlotte asking them to participate in a confidential electronic survey and/or confidential focus groups. Questions on the survey and focus group will gather input and feedback regarding experiences in applying for and/or serving on citizen boards, commissions, councils and committees appointed by the Board.

In advance of being contacted by the Women’s Summit, each applicant over the past year will receive an email from Board Chairman Jennifer Roberts letting them know they will be contacted and why. The communication also will specify that their involvement is voluntary and confidential.

Upon completion of the study in August, the findings and recommendations will be provided to the Board.  

Board members with questions should contact Citizen Involvement Coordinator Sophia Hollingsworth, 704-432-1358.

ARRA Awards Update

At a recent Board meeting, one of the Board members asked for an update on American Reinvestment & Recovery (ARRA) funds awarded to the County.  In total over two fiscal years, the County received $26.2 million for 18 different projects from seven federal government departments. Mecklenburg County received $15.1 million in FY10 and $4.9 million in FY11, as of January 31, 2011. Additional details are available online.  Board members with questions should contact Budget & Management Director Hyong Yi, 704-336-6945.

-- Harry L. Jones, Sr., County Manager

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