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Board Bulletin

August 19, 2011

Revised Employee Discipline Procedures

Most employee performance issues are managed effectively using the County’s progressive discipline process. This process provides formal steps to help employees improve their performance consistent with defined job expectations. It also can lead to termination if the employee fails to achieve these expectations after being provided the opportunity to improve performance.

This progressive discipline process has worked well for Mecklenburg County because it provides employees an opportunity to address performance problems, while also clearly articulating the consequences if performance does not improve. However, the process does not include a provision for termination for a significant performance problem minus previous instances of problems. In contrast, procedures are in place to bypass the progressive discipline process for a significant employee conduct problem without a history of such problems.

To address this inconsistency, I have approved a revision to employee discipline procedures in the Human Resources Policy, effective Monday, August 22, 2011. The revision will provide consistency in our ability to bypass the progressive disciplinary steps for both conduct and performance that results in a significant negative impact on the County. Based on the revision, when an employee’s performance results in significant negative impact on the County, the new procedure enables the County Manager to consider termination regardless of previous performance. The County remains committed to a progressive disciplinary approach for most performance issues, so use of this revised procedure will likely be limited and requires concurrence from the County Manager in advance of taking this step.

Board members with questions should contact Human Resources Director Chris Peek via email or 704-336-3138

Update on Procurement Project with Deloitte
A preliminary assessment of the first phase of the County’s sourcing project partnership with Deloitte Consulting in purchasing goods and services shows favorable results. The assessment, slated for completion by the end of August, should reveal definitive information about the total projected savings.

The sourcing partnership with Deloitte came about as a result of the March 2010 Financial Management Services Assessment (FMSA) conducted by staff. The FMSA recommendations approved by the County Manager included engaging a consulting firm to help streamline and consolidate specific financial management business processes to improve fiscal controls and reduce costs. The partnership with Deloitte focuses on changes in procurement and contract management. 

The first wave of the project explored more cost-effective service contracts for facilities maintenance, temporary labor and social services transportation. The process included issuing multiple Requests for Proposals (RFPs) using detailed service-level parameters. These RFPs have been received and reviewed by both Deloitte and County staff, and vendors will be notified of the award of contracts in most categories on August 26, 2011. The Board will be asked to approve the final contracts at upcoming regular meetings. The City of Charlotte, Central Piedmont Community College and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools participated with the County in some categories. 

While the first wave of the project is being finalized, Deloitte and County staff will discuss the lessons learned and will evaluate the prospect of continuing with the second wave of the procurement project, based on projected savings opportunities available. Categories under consideration for the second wave include construction, vehicles, and PC hardware and software.

Board members with questions about the savings initiative should contact Finance Director Dena Diorio via email or 704-336-2228.


- Harry L. Jones, Sr., County Manager

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