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Real Estate Program

The Mecklenburg County Health Department offers well sampling and well head inspection services for real estate transactions. Many lenders require these tests to be performed before the transaction can be finalized.

What We Offer  

  • Registered Environmental Health Specialists to collect samples and inspect the well head.
  • Proper sampling procedures and chain of custody records for all samples collected.
  • Use of state certified laboratories.
  • Sample results printed on Mecklenburg County Health Department letterhead.
  • Detailed information on water quality problems and other issues you should be aware.

Who Requires Real Estate Inspections

  • Many lenders require the well to be sampled before closing. Check with your lender or real estate agent to see if this is a requirement for your purchase.
  • Many Government loan programs require the well to be sampled prior to finalizing the loan.
  • Some private real estate transactions have begun requiring well sampling.  

Application and Costs

  • Download application (pdf) to request Well Sampling for your real estate transaction
  • Conventional real estate loans - $85
  • Veterans Administration loans - $85
  • FHA Loans - $135

We also offer well sampling & inspection services for requests not associated with a real estate transaction. Please contact our office at (704) 336-5103 if you need additional information.

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