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Chlorine Sanitizing Solution - 100 PPM

The instructions below describe how to mix, store, and use a sanitizing solution required in Day Care Homes in Mecklenburg County. This solution does not replace the need to clean the surface with soap and water, but is an additional step to reduce the chance of spreading an illness from one child to another. For consistency in mixing and ease of use, the solution should be mixed in a 1 quart, spray bottle that has not been used for other purposes.

How to Mix the Solution

  • Label a clean 1 quart spray bottle "Chlorine Sanitizer" with a permanent marker.
  • Pour about 1 capful of liquid chlorine bleach (such as Clorox®) into the bottle.
  • Place the top on the bottle, shake it well, then pour the bleach down the drain (some bleach will "stick" to the inside of the bottle and will be all that is needed).
  • Fill the container to about 1 inch from the top with tap water and shake it well. Be sure and pump the sprayer several times before using it the first time.

How to Test the Solution

  • Remove the top from the bottle.
  • Dip a chlorine test strip into the solution. The strip should turn blue.
  • Compare the strip against the color chart that comes with the test kit to determine the ppm (parts per million) of chlorine in the solution.  Adjust the concentration by adding water if it is too strong, or by adding a drop or two of bleach if it is too week.
  • Mix a fresh solution daily as the solution will lose strength with time.

How to Use the Solution

  • To work properly, surfaces must be cleaned with soap or detergent and water first.
  • The solution should then be sprayed to completely wet the surface.
  • The surface should be allowed to completely air dry before being used again.  You should allow a minimum of two minutes of contact time if the utensil or surface is needed immediately.  

Safety Precautions

  • Use and store this solution with caution as it could hurt a child or adult if they drink it or it is sprayed into their eyes. It must be stored out of the reach of children when not in actual use.
  • Spray or splash to the skin should be washed off with soap and water.  If someone drinks the solution, or it splashes into their eyes, you should contact a Poison Control Information Center right away. You can reach the Carolinas Poison Control Center at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte at 704-355-4000.
  • If you have questions about the information on this page, please contact your Health Department Environmental Health Specialist at 704-336-5100.

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