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​Environmental Health

Welcome to Mecklenburg County’s Environmental Health site. Environmental Health is the Division of Public Health that focuses on all aspects of the natural and built environment that may affect human health. Our main focus is to prevent disease through proper sanitation, safe food and water, proper disposal of wastewater, and the management of disease-carrying pests.

Our contact information is shown to the right. If you cannot find the information you’re looking for on this site, please contact us.

Our Programs & Services . . .

Lodging & Institutions Groundwater & Wastewater Services Pools & Environmental Health Services


Food Service Establishments

Temp Food Establishments

Pushcarts & Mobile Food Units

Plan Review

Home Daycare Facilities
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Mosquito Control
Rodent Control
CO PoisoningCarbon Monoxide Poisioning
CO Poisoning can cause deaths. Learn symptoms of CO poisoning and how to prevent it.

Grocery bagStart at the Store
Prevent foodborne illness with these safe food handling tips.

Bed bugs have become a common problem across the country. They have been found in homes, hotels, college campuses, businesses, and other places. While associated with insanitary conditions, bed bug infestations can occur to anyone. Click Here for more information on Bed Bugs (In Spanish).

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