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HWHC Working Groups & Domains


The HWHC working groups make up the HWHC Coalition. Each working group represents a specific domain, or community stakeholder group, and has a chair(s) to lead the specific group’s efforts. These chairs comprise the HWHC Steering Committee.


Academia Group

Chair: Laura Clark, Larry King Center of the Council for Children’s Rights
Chair: Beth Racine, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Materials Relevant to Academia
Business Working Group

Chair: Julie Jackman, Fit City Challenge
Materials Relevant to the Business Community
Community Organizations Working Group

Chair: Allison Mignery, Mecklenburg County Fruit and Veggie Coalition
Materials Relevant to Community Organizations
Faith Community Working Group

Chair: Chaplain Harry Burns, Novant Health, Inc. 
Chair: Hazel Dawkins, Friendship Missionary Baptist Church
Materials Relevant to the Faith Community
Government/Elected Officials Working Group

Chair: Chris Campbell, Charlotte Housing Authority 
Chair: Nykki Hardy, County Manager’s Office
Chair: Kevin Monroe, Mayor’s Office 
Materials Relevant to Government
Health Care Providers Working Group

Chair: Ellen Cary, Teen Health Connection 
Chair: Traci Lamothe, MD, Novant Health, Inc.
Materials Relevant to Health Care Providers
Media Advisory Group

Chair: Dee Dixon, PRIDE Communications
Chair: Bev Kothe, Kothe Qualitative Research
Chair: Mary Newsom, Charlotte Observer
Materials Relevant to Media
Preschool-Aged Organizations Working Group

Chair: Janet Singerman, Child Care Resources, Inc.

Materials Relevant to Preschool-Aged Organizations:
Race/Ethnicity-Based Organizations Working Group

Chair: Patrick Graham, Urban League of Central Carolinas 
Chair: Denise Hairston, Black Women’s Health Network
Materials Relevant to Race/Ethnicity-Based Organizations
School-Aged Organizations Working Group

Chair: Melissa Dunlap, Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School 
Chair: Claire Tate, Partners in Out-of-School-TimeMaterials Relevant to Race/Ethnicity-Based Organizations

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