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Public Health Preparedness


BioterrorismFor the past several years, Mecklenburg County Public Health has worked with the local, state and national community to increase the ability to detect and respond to a bioterrorist attack.

Disaster Preparedness

Disaster PreparednessKey fact sheets with tips to help you prepare for and manage a disaster such as floods, power outages, hypothermia, and more.

Important Phone Numbers

ImportantPhone NumbersLearn the ways to report activity or get more information.

  • To report suspicious packages or substances, call your local law enforcement agency at: 9-1-1
  • To report a disease of suspected bioterrorism origin, please call: (704) 336-2817. Consult our  contact list for additional points of contact.
  • If you are a fire or police department representative and need to talk to Public Health about a suspicious substances, please call:
              Robert J. Kennedy, Ph.D.
              Preparedness Coordinator
              Mecklenburg County Health Department
              618 North College Street
              Charlotte, NC  28202


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